Are you sure this is what stars do – they participate in elitist and commercial projects, lead luxurious lives and do various photo shoots? Then you’re wrong. Some of them are really trendy and create their own brands, mainly perfume lines. It also provides a solid income for their net worth.

The best-selling scent created by musicians and actors.

Beyoncé 3

Some talk about echoes of childhood and youth, others about work and dreams, but all have in common the attempt to show their individuality and focus on what is really important in their lives.

This list has been drawn up on the basis of the Forbes list, the main feature of which is the income from purchase transactions in the past year.

Well, here we go.

First there is the unique and intelligent fragrance Driven, created and presented by Derek Jeter.

Checked by Derek Jeter.

Checked by Derek Jeter.

The perfume is gaining popularity, not only in the American nation but also abroad, resulting in the payment of $160,000,000 for the previous year. It is designed for men, so any lady who has a favorite spot will try to get it as a gift. That’s why he’s so popular.

As the author said, the perfume is mainly associated with his personality, not his basketball skills. As a former player he ended his career a few years ago, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t active: The aid sector and the economy in general are the areas in which he works today.

The second position is Elizabeth Taylor’s white diamond perfume, which was presented to the public in 1991.

Elizabeth Taylor’s white diamonds

Since she has appeared in American stores and in some countries of the world, she has become very popular and well known to many people, even of different generations, who sincerely appreciate the work of this great actress. So the final amount received last year is $54,000,000.

The famous films starring Elizabeth Taylor: Sunshine, Elephant Walk, Butterfield8 and Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Third place for the Beyonce directed and designed Heat.

The warmth of Beyonce

The warmth of Beyonce

The year this happened was 2010 – since then she’s moved more and more to positions like this, but in our list she’s in third place. The country where it was mainly announced is Great Britain. In addition, the scent was supported by a hot clip that was broadcasted throughout the day.

In the past year it has experienced material growth that can be recalculated with a turnover of 21,000,000 dollars.

Beyonce is generally recognized by albums whose songs are called hits. Here’s some: Pink partner, dream girl, obsessive and so on.

Fourth place is shared by three fragrances produced in the United States over the last ten years.

Their names are unforgivable, represented by Sean John’s P. Diddy brand; fascinating NYC, made by Jessica Parker and Fancy, made by Jessica Simpson.

The total value of each of them is $18,000,000.

The unforgivable was created especially for the strong earth that claims to be unique and successful, like the atmosphere that emerges after just a few drops.

Excuse P. Diddy, Sean John's badge.

Excuse P. Diddy, Sean John’s badge.

The second scent will bring happiness to all its owners and will bring back sweet memories of the past. The latest perfume was presented to the public in 2008, making it strong and luminous.

NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker

The fantasy was created for a charming part of the population and would be the first of the author. The smell of the leaves is then exceptional and pleasant.

Fantastic Jessica Simpson.

Fantastic Jessica Simpson.

In short, spirits can have a greater effect than just appearance, because smell is what comes first and stays after. This could change his mind or give him more confidence.

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