Louis Teroux is a national treasure that we all hope will never stop making documentaries. Let’s face it, who has nothing to do with Luis? He only slowly managed to get faithful followers who were obsessed with his documentary films. Its popularity is evidenced by the many fan pages on Twitter and Facebook, where memes are regularly posted to entertain other fans. A page in particular comes to mind on social networks – no context for Louis Teroux. A hilarious site where cherries choose funny quotes from their documentaries.

10 Funny quotes from Louis Terot with context!

1. He’s walking around with his will.

While filming The Twilight of the Pornstars, one of the porn stars is walking around naked. I think some of us are smarter than others!

2. A few tequilas later, we lost Tom somewhere in a gift shop.

In Louis and the Nazis he travels to Mexico with Tom Metzger and his advertising manager. It gets a little crazy when the boys start drinking tequila. The former head of CCM in California, Metzger, has been sentenced to imprisonment.

3. I consider myself screwed.

Marty Ratban is angry when Church of Scientology members introduce themselves and make disparaging remarks about his child. Marty talks about how Scientology affects his life and daily routine. Marty’s mad at Louis and that damn thing. A very unpleasant encounter.

4. Do you want an onion?

Joe Walker fell into oblivion over a drink, and he went back to the hospital. Joe takes a break and starts crying, Louis tries to comfort him by offering him some lycozada.

5. Did you support the arsenal to the brain injury?

You know it’s bad in the Armory when Louis Teroux intimidates you. In the film Another Brain Louis investigates how families and individuals with long-term brain damage influence their condition.

6. May I see your penis?

Another jewel in the Weird Weekend series is Louis, who has studied the porn industry. To better understand the industry, he registers with a talent agency for future artists who want to work in the adult entertainment industry. He meets an older man with glasses that don’t look like a typical porn star. Louis asks to see boys with genitalia, but unfortunately he refuses!

7. I like to be guided by the tip of my nose, it’s my favorite pastime.

Louis looks fantastic!

8. Wow, there were so many offensive things, it was unbelievable.

A quote from an episode of Westborough Baptist Church is clearly not impressed by some of their strange beliefs!

9. I think it would be nice if I could touch your body.

Louis is taking singing lessons to get on Broadway!

10. They like me.

Louis and the Brothel is another fascinating documentary in the Weird Weekend series. He starts a relationship with one of the girls who works at the station and she rubs him awkwardly in front of the camera. Unfortunately, there was no happy ending.

Share your favourite quotes in the comment section!

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