It’s hard to imagine that our school days are coming to an end, especially when we look back at our school as our “home”. But soon, we will begin another chapter in our lives, and our school days will be over. We will be embarking on new journeys as we enter the real world. As we embark on this new journey, we are reminded of the precious time that we spent in school, and the lessons we learned.

The child’s first school experience is the most important during their life. One of the first school experiences that they have an impression of is that of their school. The school environment has a significant influence in the success and achievement of the child. Here are some of the schools that nurture success.

If you’re looking for quality education for your child, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured the web to bring you a list of 10 top schools that nurture success.

An excellent schooling creates excellent citizens by nurturing talents, passions, and skills and by promoting academic success. To empower and prepare young people of all ages for a bright future, schools and colleges must provide them with opportunities to develop and excel in all types of activities, whether intellectual, creative, athletic, or outdoor. World-class institutions that are among the best create stimulating, engaging and enjoyable learning environments and excel in the academic, emotional, social and pastoral development of students. Here are a few that are at the top of their class.

1. Eaton Square School

word-image-8736 Eaton Square Schools is an independent, co-educational school of choice for families seeking high academic achievement, academic support and dynamic extracurricular activities. Known for their stimulating environment and exceptional location in London, the schools have repeatedly achieved outstanding results in all ISI categories. Eaton Square Schools offer a continuum of out-of-school learning, from the early years in four nursery schools in central London, through a preparatory school in Belgravia to a secondary school in Piccadilly. Children aged four to eleven are surrounded by opportunities to explore and develop their individual passions – from music to sport, from debating to programming. The result? They enter the next phase of their journey happy and confident and equipped with the unique skills they need to make their mark on the world. In sixth form, competitive places and scholarships are regularly offered to top UK grammar schools, both day schools and boarding schools. For more information, visit

2. Merchant Taylors’

word-image-8737 Merchant Taylors’ is one of the nine great schools of the country, founded in 1561 by the Merchant Taylors’ Company. The school is academically very successful, but is also known for its excellent extracurricular activities and impressive teaching. The school has a unique educational system: Each boy is assigned a mentor who will guide him through his school years. Merchant Taylors School has made great progress in sports recently: She was the U17 national cricket champion in 2017 and won the U18 national hockey record in 2018. The school aims to develop the intellectual abilities of its pupils in a stimulating, exciting and enjoyable atmosphere. The facilities are excellent and allow each boy to find different activities in which he can personally excel. The school is located on 285 acres of park land with easy access from the subway line. More info:

3. International College Oxford

word-image-8738 Oxford International College (OIC) is the best college in the UK according to national rankings, including the Times League Table and the Daily Telegraph League Table. Known for its academic excellence and academic goals, the ICO attracts students who want to gain a place in the world’s top universities and competitive study programs – such as medicine, law, engineering, business administration and architecture. The combination of academic training, vocational preparation and social security in the OIC has produced impressive results. By 2020, 50% of OIC applicants were admitted to Oxford and 58% of the total cohort went to Oxbridge, Imperial, LSE or UCL. Yasmin Sarwar, OIC’s education director, has seen 100% of her school’s students receive offers from Russell Group universities in her nearly 20-year career. The progressive nature of the college has proven to be a winning pedagogy. The ICO is a small college that develops a unique academic pathway for each student, focused on igniting and sustaining one’s passion for lifelong learning. For more information, visit

4. Haberdashers’ Boys School

Prospective photos for boy’s hubs, 5/24/2018 word-image-8739 Founded in 1690, Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Boys has a reputation for providing first class education and regularly ranks high in league tables. It is situated on 30 acres of rural land next to the sister school Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls in Elstree, Hertfordshire. Haberdashers’ is easily accessible from central London and is close to the M1, M25 and A1 motorway junctions. The schools have one of the largest bus networks of any school in the UK, enabling students from all over the world to study at Haberdashers’. The Boys’ School prides itself on promoting excellence. Students enjoy a dynamic and enthusiastic learning environment for curious minds, in a simply remarkable setting with truly outstanding facilities. Haberdashers’ is a diverse, multicultural and happy school, with a rich history, producing confident and motivated young people, well prepared for the challenges of the future. For more information, visit

5. Exeter School

word-image-8740 Named the best mixed independent secondary school in the South West by The Times and Sunday Times Parent Power 2021, Exeter School boasts first-class sports facilities on a 25-acre site. The school is particularly proud of its outstanding art, music and drama departments. Students benefit from an impressive range of academic subjects and extracurricular activities. The Exeter School is academically selective and has achieved excellent results in GCSE and A-level examinations, and has admitted students to a number of leading universities. Seventeen sixth formers have recently received offers to study medicine or veterinary medicine and nine students have been offered places at Oxbridge. Kindergarten is opened from the age of three, primary school from the age of seven and secondary school from the ages of eleven, thirteen and sixteen, but applicants may also be admitted at other ages if places are available. More info:

6. St David’s College

word-image-8741 The goal of St. Paul’s School is to fulfill David’s vision is simple: provide a unique education for the whole person, centered on the individual, built on Christian principles, in a family atmosphere. The holistic approach finds the true gifts of each person and adjusts the training accordingly. St David’s School enables each child to develop more than just exam skills. The school removes barriers to learning with highly qualified staff who deliver fun and engaging lessons in classes of around 12 students. Many graduates go to top universities where they study architecture, engineering, mathematics and a wide range of subjects. St David’s School is proud to support students to achieve their BTEC and continue their education. Students leave St. John’s David’s with unique personal characteristics, individual strengths and core values of honesty, respect and commitment. They go out into the world with the determination to succeed and the will to never give up. For more information, visit

7. American School in England

word-image-8742 An American school in England is an independent, co-educational, day and boarding school. The company’s mission statement reflects its core values: TASIS England encourages intellectual curiosity and enables each pupil to become a principled, open-minded and compassionate member of the global community. Students aged 3 to 18, from over 50 countries around the world, receive individual attention while learning in small classes averaging around 15 students. They are encouraged to play their part in the learning community inside and outside the classroom. Extensive sports, arts and extracurricular programs allow students to explore and develop their talents and excel at what they do best. The school goes beyond a narrow definition of academic success and promotes key qualities such as resilience, adaptability, curiosity and reflection. Students are also encouraged to develop an international mindset, i.e. the ability to interpret and analyze issues from different perspectives in order to achieve cross-cultural understanding and respect for others. For more information, visit

8. Crist College

word-image-8743 Christ College is located in the Brecon Beacons National Park and is a independent boarding and day school. The college was founded in 1541, making it one of the oldest educational institutions in Wales. Over the last three years, 43% of pupils achieved A* or A-level and 85% achieved A to C. 46% of GCSE results were graded between 9 and 7. As a result of this successful experience, most Christ College students continue their studies at the university of their choice. The school soon becomes a second home, and the students and teachers become a family. The second program, which complements academic instruction and promotes character development, includes music, creative and performing arts, and excellent conditions for sports and outdoor activities. One of the cheapest schools in the UK, where almost everything is included in the tuition fee and extras are limited. – Guide of Good Schools 2020. For more information, visit

9. Queen Anne’s School

word-image-8744 Students at Queen Anne’s School in Caversham, Berkshire, can now record and mix music in all genres to a professional level thanks to a new recording studio and improved editing software. The opening of the independent boarding and day school studio for girls aged 11-18 marks the completion of Scott Music Centre’s stunning new facilities. There are also 24 iMac computers, 23 new pianos, soundproof rehearsal rooms and a St. John’s recital hall. Cecilia completely digitized. Set in 10 acres of parkland and within walking distance of the Thames, Queen Anne’s School prepares over 450 pupils each year for life in a constantly changing world. Staff achieve this through engaging and constantly evolving training based on excellence and innovation. At the school, students will excel through top level education, educational clinics, extracurricular opportunities and pastoral care. For more information, visit

10. Campbell College

word-image-8745 Recently named one of the ten best boarding schools in the UK by the Good Schools’ Guide, Campbell College is considered a hidden gem. Campbell School, founded in 1894, is a day and boarding school for boys five minutes from Belfast Airport. The university’s campus, with more than 1,200 students, is spread over 100 acres of wooded land and offers an impressive array of amenities. Campbell is a historic college with a proud history of academic and extracurricular achievement. More than 150 residents from all over the world live here. A balance of cultures and nationalities make up the Campbell boarding school family, and according to one student : Wherever you come from, you will always find a second home here. For more information, visit To see your company in the upcoming events we are hosting, please email [email protected] or [email protected] the past, many people were skeptical about the value of higher education. They believed that if you were academically gifted, you would find it hard to progress in life without a degree. But, with the increasing role of technology and the advancement of education, more and more people are questioning the relevance of a degree, and they are also striving to find their own path to success.. Read more about qualities of a good school leader and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What students could do to build successful schools?

Schools are considered to be “the backbone of society”. It is from the education system that the values and social norms of the country are passed on to future generations. That being said, the education system does not always succeed in producing the best possible citizens. In fact, in some countries, the education system is actually considered to be “the enemy of progress”. The last few days I’ve been thinking about schools and how they can really help or hinder success.  I’m not going to go into the debate about whether it’s good to be educated or not, but I will talk about the ways in which schools can either support or undermine success.

What are the 10 qualities of a good student?

Studying for exams can be a nerve-wracking experience. It can be hard to know what to focus on, as the testing environment can be different for each person. That’s where the 10 qualities of a good student come in: these are things that will make you successful in any academic environment. The best students have a high level of motivation and take full advantage of opportunities, while they are also very disciplined and avoid distractions. They study for hours on end and know their strengths and weaknesses. They are not afraid to ask for help when they need it and are not afraid to share their ideas. They are open with others and they are not afraid to let others know about their strengths and weaknesses. They are honest with their parents, teachers and uncles and they own up to their mistakes.

What are the characteristics of successful schools?

With the world becoming a very competitive place, having the right educational tools and resources are key to success. Places that nurture success have the right combination of facilities, teachers, and opportunities. They also have a clear, well-defined set of values that contribute to success. The biggest key to success is the attitude in the classroom. Students who are respectful and knowledgeable are more likely to succeed in school. We live in a world where there are countless choices for you to make – when it comes to the education of your child. On top of that, these choices are made for you by other people who either have the best interest of your child at heart, or it’s just their job to steer you in one direction or another. There are countless schools out there, and each of them has a different philosophy on education. The most notable difference between them is the number of students they admit. Most private schools have a strict practice of selective admissions, while public schools tend to accept everyone they get in contact with.

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