In the world of the rap industry. Many musicians play an important role in their industry by performing the best 2 Chainz Net Worth rap in front of an audience.

A number of rappers are known by their official names, but this man has his own stage name that makes him very well known.

As you know, 2 Chainz is from America. Known to be a rapper. Over time, he also became known as Tity Boi and had more success and released more music albums.

He introduced his first rap song, Duffle Bag Boy.

Big fans find his annual net worth and are ready to learn more about their favorite rapper’s lifestyle.

So, in this article, you will find all the information about the 2 Channels. We bring you the latest news about this rapper.

2 Chain Net Worth 2021

He is a rapper who was born on September 12, 1977 and is now 42 years old. He was born in College Park, Georgia, USA. Also known as Tity Boi and Drenchgod.

Known in this world as a great rapper, songwriter, media personality and basketball player.

Although he only started his life as a hobbyist in 1997, he has achieved great success in this industry. On television, he is the most beloved personality of all.

Kesha Ward is his wife. He has three children. About his musical career. He’s essentially a hip-hop musician.

Playaz Circle features Gucci Mane, Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Ludacris and Migos on the track. There is also an official website.

Early life

He was born on the 12th. September 1977 in College Park, Georgia, United States of America. Growing up in his mother’s arms didn’t sit well with his father.

Because my father was crippled several times, so he spent too much time in prison.

2 Chain was a bright student at school, but was later used by drug dealers and was considered a drug addict. So at the age of 15.

He was arrested and labeled a professional drug dealer.
But he’s not worried about that.

He’s fighting for himself. And make his name. Professionally, find your talent and make the most of it. He was a passionate musician. Then he was arrested at the rapper’s field.

After high school, he attended Alabama State University, but then.

During that time, he enrolled at the University of Virginia, earned a college degree and honed his passion.

2 Chainz is passionate and ready to make a difference in this world.
In Alabama, he got a scholarship.

He also played basketball from 1995 to 1997. He was an outstanding student and got a 4.0 when he was in school.

Music career

1997 to 2010

He began his musical career from 1997 to 2010 with performances by Playaz Circle and Disturbing the Peace.

2 Chainz prepared this song in the park of a college in Georgia in 1997.

His friend Earl Conyers helped him a lot and contributed to this song.

They will also be releasing an album titled Independent Album. Known as United We Stand, United We Fall in 2002.

He also won the DJ title. The musician Ludacris also helped him.

And was interested in his song Playaz Circle. This musician has performed a number of songs with this great rapper in the group.

Some of them also played at the radio station.

With the participation of Ludacris, on the 30th. In October 2007, a new album was released, titled Supply and Demand.

Key tracks Single and Duffle Bag Boy marked his debut. About this song.

Submitted by Lil Wayne and performed at the BET Hip Hop Awards.
Flight 360, The Takeoff is the second album released on the 29th. September 2009 was published.

During this time, Playaz Circle was able to create music for movies. So they made a video for a movie called Big Man.

He was introduced by Lil Wayne and Birdman at Space Atlanta Studios.

2 Value of supply chain since 2011-12

At the time of its success, it received some criticism. The fans hated him for some reason. He therefore proposed to change the name of his group.

So he changed the name to 2 Chainz, a music group that plays in the industry.

Because he thinks it’s a nice name and the public likes it. And he proved that he was a great rapper.

With his new name, he has achieved more success and accomplishments. His fans loved him. And ready to hear them at any cost.

He began his work with a new name based on the history of T.R.U.. Becoming more popular in the music industry.

His best performance earned him the #58 spot on Billboard’s Top R&B Hip-Hop Albums chart.

He has collaborated with some of the biggest artists like Kanye West (Mercy) and Nicki Minaj (Beez in the Trap).

He got that name in his first song. He was at number 1 on the US Billboard 200.

He sold 1 lac 47,000 copies of the record upon its initial release.

His mixed rapper music scored 55 on Metacritic. The 23rd. September 2012, his music album sold a maximum of two lac eighty-eight thousand.

What was the best record at the time? These copies were only sold in the United States.

How much money can I make with rapping and singing?

His great achievement was taking grass. It is a big event that attracts a large audience.

He released his first musical single. With their fifth studio album, titled One Woman Army.

Since the beginning and now, he’s been doing his job. Work on his passion and become a rap star.

We will discuss his other works here. He created a company called Hoodie Line. An appointed CEO means millionaires create all the opportunities.

He also has his own line of sweaters called Dabbing Sweater.

For this, you can visit the official website and online store to buy new products.

It is also a great success: He was given a minority stake in the College Park Skyhawks, the NBA G League team. It happened on the 10th. May 2021.

2 Net worth of chain in 2021 according to Forbes

We will now discuss the net cost of 2 channels. The total value of this in-person fine is approximately $9 million.
Annual sales are $1.02 million
per month, or about $85,000
per week, or $19,615.

And thanks to his great achievements and success, he does everything in his life and increases his salary. She also volunteers to help other Pretty Girls who love trap music.

Distinctions and achievements

The great artist and musician thinks it’s time to set up an independent company. Therefore, on 5. In January 2015, he launched his own individual record label called The Real University.

In which two great personalities signed his label. The names are Cap.1 and Scooley. With the new Young Money, which is related to Shorty.

Who was classified as a rookie? In this combination, they unveiled the 27. January 2015: their first TRU in Jack City.

This real university is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and is run by 2 Chainz, who is the CEO.


In 2013, he was nominated for numerous works and awards. I got the best price for Fucking Trouble, though.

Featuring A$AP Rocky, Drake and Kendrick Lamar. Prize for the best collaboration.

In 2016, he was nominated for two awards. But it was 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne who did not win this award for best duets and working groups.

In 2017, he won the award for best collaboration on No Problem. Featuring Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne.

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In 2012 he won four awards. The title of these awards

  • Reese’s Award for the perfect combination (best collabo, duo band).
  • Sweet 16: Best Art Poem
    More than two awards – for Mercy’s work. featuring Kanye West, Big Sean and Pusha T). Second to No Lie. With Drake.

In 2013, he won an award at Reese’s Perfect Combo (best collabo, duo band). Based on the damn problems. Featuring A$AP Rocky, Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

Nominated for two awards in 2016. Best Hip-Hop and Sweet 16 Videos: Best art poem.


He has only won this award once. The 2017 Best Rap Award goes to this guy.

Work related. No problem. Featuring Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne.


In 2012 he won the award for Best Hip-Hop Song of the Year. By the name of Mercy. Featuring Kanye West, Big Sean and Pusha T.

Becoming independent was the best step for me. But I think I made the best of my chances. I did everything on the mixtape market. I think having a big car behind you is the next step in maximizing the degree of independence. – 2 Chain

I’m from South Atlanta, from College Park, and we’re all very picky about our dress code, our clothes and our outfits, so I think it’s something that started when I was growing up. I’m just trying to be myself and a person at the same time. – 2 Chain

I urge you all to pay attention to the issues that matter to you, whether it’s jobs and the economy, education and our schools, or criminal justice reform. Whatever you have in mind, use your voice. – 2 Chain

I don’t care what other people wear. I feel like they’re all waiting to see what I have. If you really want to know the truth, that’s what I think. They’re waiting to see what I’ll do next. – 2 Chain

T.R.U., I’ll pull it up and jam the rhythm. The mother’s house was full of Herculean bags. As soon as I finished writing, I put the chair down. Or my mother cursing me as an only child with no brothers, no sisters, no best friends. I couldn’t do anything right as a lefty. – 2 Chain

2 Social media channel

He is also active on social media. You can follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and his personal blog.

On Instagram, there are 9.5 million followers.

He is a radiant personality with attractive musical lines. You can visit her official blog for more information and buy her product from her online store.

Fans can also find his song on various platforms such as Spotify, Apple iTunes, Soundcloud, Pitchfork and YouTube. He also announced documentaries and several new songs.

We summarize this personality in a few words. That for any success, you have to work hard.

Find your passion and polish it. Eminem. Work on your passion and one day you will rise again.

One day the world will follow you and learn of your struggle for life.

frequently asked questions

Why is 2 Chainz so rich?

He earned most of his fortune from his music and music-related activities. However, he made a name for himself with his music to start other successful ventures.

How much does Ludacris cost?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, his net worth is $25 million. He has multiple sources of income that have also made him a smart entrepreneur. Ludacris has used his fame to bring several international brands to the table.

What does the future of rap look like?

Fame is the future. No, no, no.

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