Maria Bakalova

Maria Bakalowa is a 24-year-old Bulgarian actress, known as a musician and singer from Burgas. After playing the lead role of Jana in the movie Misdemeanor in 2018, she became famous for the first time.

Maria Bakalova is known for her role as Tutar Sandiev in the film Borat in 2020. According to the IMDB, Maria already studied flute and singing as a child and then went on to study at the National Academy for Theatre and Film in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital.

The Bulgarian dramas and comedies Father, Crime and Last Call are his professional titles. The actress hasn’t revealed any details about her parents yet and rarely uses social networks.

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Maria Bakalowa was born in Burgas and celebrates every year on the 4th. June’s birthday. She doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend yet, and she’s focused on her career. She has played in many musicals, because she is also very gifted on the flute.

1. She’s a winner, baby.

Maria’s curriculum vitae is very tight right now, but it has to change soon. She has no more roles in her name. Some of the epic roles Mary plays: In 2019 she played a character named Valentine, father, and in 2019 she was a taxi girl, in short, due to unforeseen circumstances, she appeared in an episode of Gomorrah in 2017. However, her passion for acting earned her the award for Best Female Role at the Alternative Film Festival for the role of Jana in the film Wangedrag 2018.

2. Mary is an animal lover

Although Maria rarely uses social networks, she is currently active on Instagram with more than 63.4k followers. Maria sees cats and dogs kissing in many messages on her Instagram account. In one of the IG galleries on display for International Cat Day, Maria has brought in a family cat from her childhood to the majestic hairball.

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3. Maria Bolgarskaya

Maria was born in Bulgaria, and of course her admirers will learn that her birthday has been fixed for the 4th anniversary of her birth. June 1996. At the age of six she started singing and flute lessons. She studied at the National Art Academy in Burgas, where she specialized in drama. Maria made her second flute specialty. She then continued her studies at the National Academy for Theatre and Film in Sofia, which she successfully completed in 2019.

4. It supports dark matter of life

The 31st. In May 2020 Maria posted a video/clip on Instagram in which the words Black Lives Matter continue to appear. She also showed her participation in #BlackOutTuesday 2. June 2020 by resetting a square on its own Instagram channel.

Final reflection

Although Maria Bakalowa has appeared in several Bulgarian films, until now she was virtually unknown to the American public. But that doesn’t stop them, it compensates more than the will.

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