John Baileyn is a basketball veteran who was recently appointed head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Baylane is known as one of the best basketball coaches in the university.

Here are some facts about John Baileyne, including his net worth, salary, career, wife and more.

1. John Baileyne’s net worth is estimated at $20 million.

As of 2019, John Baileyne’s net worth is estimated at $20 million. Baileyn has been coaching basketball for over four decades. While in Michigan, he made $3.8 million a year, making him the third highest-paid coach in the Big Ten.

His Michigan salary of $3.8 million consists of three parts: his base salary is $400,000, $1.5 million comes from the Michigan defined contribution plan, and $1.9 million is paid in equal monthly installments.

Baileyne is now coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. He has accepted a five-year contract with the Cavaliers, but his financial details have not yet been disclosed.

Net value 2019 $20 million
John Baileyn Net Assets 2018 $17 million.
John Baileyn Net Assets 2017 $14 million.

2. He started his coaching career in 1978.

Baileyn began her career in 1978 as a coach at Erie Community College, and then as a coach at Nazareth College and Le Moyne College. In 1992 he worked as head coach at Canisius College. During his first two seasons in Kanisius he transformed the last team from 1991-92 into the 1993-94 team, the first undefeated house order in modern education.

In 1997 he became the coach of Richmond Spider. She switched to the larger Division I programs at the University of West Virginia (2002-2007) and Michigan (2007-2019).

3. Baileyn has been head coach of Michigan since 2007.

John Baileyn has been teaching at the University of Michigan since 2007. He led the Michigan Wolverines to a record 278-150 and nine NCAA tournaments. He led the Wolverines to the NCAA title game in 2018, losing to Villanova and to Luisville in 2013.

The veteran high school coach is now on his way to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA with an all-time record of 754-425 and an NCAA tournament record of 26-13.

4. He is married to Kathleen Baileyn and has four children.

Kathleen met John in the late ’70s. On a first date he took her to the movie The Other Side of the Night. Their relationship grew stronger and after two years of presence, John decided to sign up. They finally got married in 1978.

Kathleen and John’s first child, Sean’s daughter, was born in 1979. Four years later they welcomed their son Patrick. Patrick is currently head coach at Le Moyne College. A year later, Mark Baylaine was born and their youngest son, Andrew, was born in 1990.

5. Now coaching the inexperienced Cleveland Cavalier in NBA.

The 13th. In May 2019 he was appointed head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who signed a five-year contract. These gentlemen broke up after the 19-63 season with replacement coach Larry Drew.

After the press release, Baileyn thanked all the staff at the University of Michigan and said: I want to thank the University of Michigan for being a truly special home and a wonderful place for me and my family over the past 12 years, he added. – We’ve made great progress together and we couldn’t have done it without the incredible support of our administration, coaches, players, staff, students, fans and the entire university community. We shared the best moments of my life together and I will always be grateful.

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