How much is Alan Silvestri worth?


Shareholders’ equity $6 million
Real Name Alan Anthony Silvestri.
Date of birth 26. March 1950.
birthplace New York, United States
Profession Musician/TV producer
Age 70
Height 1.78 m

In this article you will read about Alan Silvestri Netto Worth, the beginning of his life and his career. Alan Silvestri is a well-known musician from the United States of America. He is a famous musician and singer. The big superstar showed all the facets of advertising.

Early childhood and biography

Alan Silvestri was born on the 26th. March 1950 in New York, USA. But later, when he entered the music industry, he met his pseudonym Alan Silvestri.

Alan started at Teaneck High School and also spent two years at the conservatory. In 1972, still only 21 years old, he began his career in television and film production.

He directed his first film, The Doberman Gang. He directed the television series CHIP from 1977 to 1983. In addition to his television production, he began to produce music for movies.

How much is Alan Silvestri worth?

Alan Silvestri has worked in this industry for 21 years. He began his production and composition work in 1972. He has gained fame through the production of several films.

So many of the films he has produced have really attracted people. All his works have become immensely popular with the people and people have given many positive comments on his best works.

What is Alan Silvestri’s net worth over his lifetime?

In the 1980s, Alan Silvestri composed several films. He also composed several other films in the following years. This allows the big superstar to get very positive feedback from people. When he entered the industry, he worked on many series. He has also produced music for films.

Alan Silvestri’s net worth is $6 million. A great superstar amasses all his wealth over the course of his career. He has made these films that can break all boundaries of celebrity.

How much did Alan Silvestri earn over the course of his career?

Alan Silvestri began his career in 1972 when he was only 21 years old. In the 1970s, he worked with other major producers to produce films. In 1972, he collaborated with Bradford Craig. So he made his first film called The Doberman Gang.

In 1989 he composed the music for the film The Abyss. The films in Back to the Future were released from 1985 to 1990. He received recognition for his great work. And the whole industry recognized him as a great producer of his generation.

He also made a series called The Lady of Los Vegas in 1975. In 1976, he directed the film The Incredible Dobermans. Later, in 1978, he directed the film The Fifth Floor.

The film he directed is called The Mummy Returns and was released in 2001. He then worked on the film Van Helsing, which was released in 2004. Like GI Joe The Rise of Cobra, released in 2009. It is his excellent work that gets a lot of positive feedback from people.

He also works on the films The Avengers, Croods and Night at the Museum : The secret of the tomb. Parallel to the production of the film, Alan Silvestri is working on a television series.

Even after them, he worked in many great movies that made him rich. After that he composed music for several films. He is also active in the industry.

Career Films:

In 1983 he composed the film Tiger Man. And later, in 1984, he composed a film called Dancing on the Stone. And in 1985 he composed the films Cat’s Eye and Back to the Future. In 1986, he fought to produce The Power of Delta, American Anthem and No Mercy.

As a producer and composer, he collaborated on the 1987 films Predator and Overboard. He then composed this major work for the film Mac and I (1988) and for My September is a Stranger (1988).

Also in 1989, he worked on Back to the Future ||. And in 1990, he worked on the film City Center. In 1991, for example, he worked on the films Broken and Soapy and Dutch.

In 1992 he composed the films Diner, Bodyguard and Sidekicks. Later, in 1993, he composed the film Judgement Night. And in 1994 he composed the films Forrest Gump and Blown Away. Then he directed some of the better known films in the 90s. In 1995 he composed the films Eraser, Long Kiss Goodnight. Later, in 1996, he composed the films Vulcan, Contact and Mouse Hunt. In 1997 he composed the film Holy Man, Practical Magic.

He also worked on the 1998 film Stuart Little. And in 1999, he collaborated on the film Abandoned. Later, in 2000, he composed the film The Mummy Returns. Later, in 2001, he directed the film Mexican. In 2002, he co-wrote the films Showtime and Stuart Little. Also in 2003, he collaborated on the films Identity and Two Soldiers.

In 2004, he fought for Van Helsing. Later, in 2006, an event called Wild took place. And in 2007, he composed the film Beowulf.

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frequently asked questions

Alan Silvestri is 70 years old.

He has two children, Alexandra Silvestri and Joey Silvestri.

Alan Silvestri is known as a successful musician/television producer.

He’s 70 years old now. Alan Silvestri was born on the 26th. Born March 1950.

No information about his relationship.

Alan Silvestri is the husband of Sandra Silvestri (m. 1978).

frequently asked questions

How much is Alan Silvestri worth?

Alan Silvestri’s net worth and payroll: Alan Silvestri is a composer with a net worth of $94 million.

How old is Alan Silvestri?

Alan Silvestri

Where does Alan Silvestri live?

Personal life. Silvestri and his wife Sandra own Silvestri Vineyards in Carmel Valley, California.

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