Alejandra Amarilla is an American activist, filmmaker and philanthropist. She is known as the former wife of American basketball player Steve Nash, who is now coach of the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA. Steve also spent 18 seasons in the National Basketball Association, where he was an eight-time All-Star and seven-time National Basketball Association champion.

Despite the fame and name of her husband, Amarilla has had much success as a director. In addition, Alejandra is the author of Landfill Harmonics and Associate Director of Discharge of Imagination.

State of relations

Amarilla, an amazing and determined woman, has been living in the shadows since her divorce from Steve. Thousands of Alejandra’s fans are curious about how their relationship is going. But the director is not interested in love or friendship at this point. She still lives her life with happiness and fulfillment. Thanks to her hard work, she has won the hearts of many fans, and she is a positive person who inspires people all over the world every day.

She also loves to travel and discover new cultures from all over the world. According to her, much of her philanthropy is influenced by travel. On weekends, she usually comes to her hometown to spend quality time with her siblings, friends and family.

Mother of three children

As previously mentioned, Amarilla was married to NBA player Steve Nash. The longtime couple met in Manhattan in 2001. After getting to know each other briefly, they quickly fell in love. Shortly after, in June 2005, the couple decided to say yes.

The couple welcomed their twins, Lola Nash and Bella Nash, on the 14th. October 2004. Their third child, Matteo Nash, was also born on the 12th. Born in November 2010. His daughters are now 16 years old and his son 10 years old. The couple divorced in 2011 by mutual consent after living together for six years. Steve is now married to Lilla Frederick, with whom he has a son, Luca San Nash. Alejandra, on the other hand, loves the life of a single parent.

Shareholders’ equity and remuneration

Alejandra, who believes in hard work, is a very proud single woman. In 2020, his gross net worth is about $1.5 million. It’s about giving the many families around the world who have made money the opportunity to change their way of life. Not to mention that she is also a prolific director who has released separate films. Her Kickstarter campaign helped her raise $214,000 from 5,000 backers to make the film Dump Harmony.

Speaking of husbands: He has made a huge fortune in his long career. His net worth in 2020 is $95 million. He is the new manager of the Brooklyn Nets and only makes $8.7 million a year. Nash has earned more than $146 million during his playing career. At the end of his career, he received $10 million in severance pay from the Los Angeles Lakers.

In addition, Nash owns several properties in the United States and Canada. In 2014, he bought a home in Manhattan for $4.8 million. Similarly, he sold his Paradise Valley home in Phoenix in 2017 for $3.175 million.

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