Alex Erin is an American social star who gained fame as a transsexual. He posts various photos of his life, often with friends and family, on the Instagram @lex.erin ID, where he has gained over 63,000 followers.

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What is Alex Erin famous for?

  • is an American social media personality

Alex Erin: Age, biology, parents, relatives, siblings, ethnicity

Alex Erin was born on the 2nd. March 2000 in California, USA, years old, born to American parents. Unfortunately, the names of his parents are unknown. He also grew up with three sisters and a brother. Their older sisters are named Taylor and Jade, and he has a twin sister named Ashley Potter, who he often posts on his social media.

As a child, he never accepted that he was a girl and never acted like one. Even though Alex was born a child, he feels like he was born into the wrong body. In grade school he knew he was different, but he didn’t understand what the real problem was.

Similarly, he had a crush on a girl who was in her late teens when she was in first grade. Alex really thought about jumping off the cliff to impress her. Although Alex didn’t learn about his sexuality until high school…

Besides, Alex is an American citizen and not of the same ethnicity as him.


Alex might be in college now and might have graduated, but he didn’t say anything.

Alex Erin: Professional directing Career, directing

Alex created his TikTok account, and on the 28th. On 2o16 June the first video clip was made with the subtitle You’re in love with me. It is currently inactive on TikTok. Still, it got over 559.7k followers with 42.1 million hearts.

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He participated in a tour called Revolution Tour in 2017 with a few other musicians. He also has his own YouTube channel and released his first video, titled MEET ALEX THE LITTLE TRANS BOY! 20. February 2017, which received 87,000 announcements. He usually posts several blogs about his life on the channel, and he also created his own Instagram and published his first post on a Protect Trans Kid photo.

Alex Erin: Shareholders’ equity and remuneration

Alex is a rising social media star who has already made a lot of money from his work. However, he has not officially announced his exact net worth.

Alex Erin is married? Woman, children, marriage

It seems that Alex is currently in a relationship with the man who is groped on Instagram, but has not revealed his name. He gave a wonderful caption to this photo thanking his partner for the sweet love of Valentine’s Day and not for eating large fries at the same time as his favorite TV show. He also gave #KindaGayButNotGay #ButGay4u. Yet the duo seem perfectly happy with each other.

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Confusion about sexuality

It took him 14 years to realize he was uncomfortable with the female look, and he started wearing things that comforted him as a tomboy. It feels so good to show your own skin afterwards. He also started going out with both sexes to learn more about himself.

In 2015, he decided to cut off his long hair for the summer, which suited him just fine. He also began to dress like a boy, which had a major impact on his social life. He began to make friends and spend time with them. He also started taking testosterone at the same time as the surgery, which made a big difference, and he also looks good because the testosterone intake changed his voice. He is undergoing sex reassignment surgery (SRS), which involves the removal of breast tissue.

Alex Erin: Length, weight, colour of eyes

Alex has a good height and a healthy weight. Alex also has blonde hair and a pair of honey-colored eyes.

Signature : Alex Erin. (Source: Famous People)

Is Alex Erin active on social media?

As a social media star, Alex Erin has created social media accounts such as Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube. He is active on Instagram with over 63.3k followers.

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