Amber Lewin, one of the world’s most famous dog breeders, travelled to Australia for the first time to judge the teams of contestants in the new show Seventh Pooch Perfect. She is also a businesswoman who considers herself a big winner. She leads a happy married life with her husband and is proud to be the mother of a son.

Companies, net assets, show

The Levine family’s net worth is between $5 and $10 million. The family currently owns a Porsche 1600 Supercar and runs the family business. Jeff and Amber Levine founded Amber’s Mobile Pet Salons Inc. in 2005. Amber has worked in the animal industry most of her life. She was featured in the Animal Planet reality show Groomer Has It season 1 and won Groom off, which aired on the Today show in New York, after opening her company Mobile Pet Salons, which offers a fully equipped mobile pet salon.

Amber Lewin drives her Porsche 1600 Super.

She said: After our mobile salon business, we opened a pet spa and boutique in South Corona. With two full-time businesses, we decided we needed a good pet hotel. So now there is an Ambers Luxury Pet Hotel, and we have finally combined the pet spa and hotel to bring you our 7,500 square foot facility now known as Ambers Luxury Pet Hotel & Spa. You never have to look far to find one of us near you, and we are here to care for your pet with the love and care you expect.

Career in dog grooming

Levin took care of her most of her life. I had to help my mom in her living room, so I learned at a young age, and by the time I was 14 I could brush almost any dog. In the beginning, I didn’t want to become a groomer. I cried because it was a very dirty job and cheap dirt, so I tried to turn it into something glamorous, something much better.

At the time, it was difficult to keep the business behind the pet shop afloat. They even hired inmates from a nearby women’s prison to take care of them. She is now world famous in the dog show world and has won a number of prestigious awards.

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Amber Levine’s life as a couple….

Her birth date is not known online, but her husband, Mr. Levin shared a photo of his wife on his Instagram and wished her a happy birthday on the 9th. June. That means Amber Levine will be the 9th. June is celebrating her birthday. Looking at her social media account, she seems to have a nice married life, which she does.

Amber married Jeff Levine on or about the 17th. May 2007. The couple will celebrate their wedding anniversary on one of the following dates of the year. Her husband Jeff loves her so much that he even added his wife’s name as the middle name on his Instagram profile. There’s no similar information on Jeff, but according to his Instagram account, it looks like he works as an agent or somehow as someone who sells boats, yachts, etc. Maybe he likes to work in that area. The couple enjoys personal visits and all the adventures with their only son Cooper, who was born on the 3rd. August 2021 will be 12 years old.

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