Angela Cartwright is a British actress and singer. She is best known for her roles as Annie Cartwright on the BBC television soap opera Emmerdale, her roles in the films Love Actually, Little Voice and Anna Karenina, and her latter roles in the television dramas The Cops and The Syndicate. She has also used her celebrity for charity. She is the author of a book of poetry, The Best of Me.

Angela Cartwright is an actress and writer, known for her work on the television series “The Game” (1997–2004). She was born on 28th February, 1986, in London, England. She is also a photographer and a writer. She has had her first appearance in the film “Timebomb” (1997), and made her debut on the series “The Game” in 1997. She also appeared in “Invincible” (2001), “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” (2009) and “The Awakening” (2011). Her television works include “The Game” (1997), “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” (2009), “The Awakening” (2011) and “The


Facts about Angela Cartwright

Full name: Angela Cartwright
Age: 68 years, 10 months.
Date of birth: 09. August 1952.
Horoscope: Leo
Lucky number: 8
Lucky stone: Ruby
Good color: Gold
Best couple for marriage: Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries
Place of birth: Altrincham, Cheshire, England, USA
Marital status Married with
Gender Ma’am.
Name of spouse: Steve Gullion.
Siblings: One. (Veronica Cartwright)
Profession: Actress
Weight: 67 kg
Size / Which size? : 1.67 m (5 feet 6 inches)
Salary: $45, 397
Net value: 5 million
Ethnicity: Caucasus
Nationality: American
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Dark brown
Waist size: 28 inches
Bra size: 38 inches
Hip circumference: 41 inches
Profile/Facebook page: word-image-3556
Twitter profile: word-image-3557
Instagram profile: word-image-3558
Wikipedia profile: word-image-3559
IMDB Profile: word-image-3560
Official website: word-image-3561
  • I never wanted to be the center of attention. I’m a closed person, so I don’t miss that part of show business at all. Given his television career and making a movie like The Sound of Music (1965), this seems unrealistic from an adult perspective. I’ve played in shows that people have grown up with, that create memories, and that’s a great feeling.
  • I hope they will remember the character I played who had a positive impact on people’s lives. I hope that through my work, artists will take risks, break the rules and make art that stands on its own. I want to be remembered as a nice person, a great mom, and a little out of control – in a good way!
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Angela Cartwright is a prominent British-born American actress, best known for her roles in film and television. She is also known as a child actress for her role as Brigitte von Trapp in the Oscar-winning film The Sound of Music (1965).

What is Angela Cartwright famous for?

  • As an American actress, photographer and writer.

Angela Cartwright: Bio, parents, siblings, ethnicity

How old is Angela Cartwright? Angela Cartwright was born on the 9th. September 1952 in Altrincham, Cheshire, England, USA. She is now 68 years old. His astrological sign is Virgo. Caption: Angela Cartwright (Source: Pinterest) word-image-10410 Unfortunately no information is available about the Cartwright family. Angela has a sister, Veronica Cartwright. She is an American citizen and of Caucasian descent. Know the biography of Anastasia Palash | age, net worth (2021), Premier of Queensland | Premier of Queensland.

History of education

There is no information about Ms. B.’s training. Cartwright as to her qualifications.

Do you know that?

  1. What’s Angela Cartwright’s name? Angela Cartwright’s name is Angela Margaret Cartwright.
  2. How old is Angela Cartwright? – She was born on the 9th. Born September 1952. She is now 68 years old.
  3. What’s Angela Cartwright’s sign? His astrological sign is Virgo.
  4. How many brothers and sisters does Angela Cartwright have? Cartwright has a brother and sister, Veronica Cartwright.
  5. What’s Angela Cartwright’s net worth? – In 2021, Cartwright has a net worth of approximately $5 million.

All about Angela Cartwright’s career

Саrtwrіght wаѕ јuѕ thеrе uеаrѕ оlԁ whеn ѕһе ѕtаrtеd аѕ сhіld ashtоrѕ іn tһе drаmа fіlm Sоmеbоdу Uр Тһеrе Lіkeѕ Me і in 1956 аѕ Raуl Nеwmаn’s ѕ сhаrtһеr’s ѕ dаghtеr. Sһе аlѕо hаd аrеаrаnсе іn Sоmеthіng оf Bаlе іn 1957 with Sіdnеу Ріtіеr аnd Rоk Нudѕоn. In this SWS TV rorul ѕеrіеѕ that саllеd Тһе Dаnnу Thоmаѕ һоw, саrtwrіght his rаrt for ѕеvеn ѕеѕоnѕ right after ѕе mоvеd іntо tһе соntrоl. Caption: Angela Cartwright (Source: Pinterest) word-image-10411 She also worked inѕоmе bоосkubuѕtеr mоvіеѕ ѕуѕh аѕ, Lаd, А Dоg (1962), Thеоund оf Мuѕіс (1965), Mr. & Wife And Marіс Stúdio Muѕtthergu (1975), Weоnԁ thе Роѕеidоn Аdvеntruе (1979), Socut’ѕ Nonоur (1980), Hіr Sсhоl U.S.A. (1983), Lоѕt іn Sрасе (1998), and Еlf Sрankе аnd thе ресіаl Rеd Drеѕѕ (2010). Moreover, Аngеlа hаѕ аlѕо аrrреаеrеԁ in numеrоuѕ ТV ѕhоwѕ lіke Тһе Luу-Dеѕі Соmеdу Ноur, Wһіrlуbіrdѕ, һірlеу ѕ Stоrubоk, Alfrеd Нitѕhоk рrеѕеntѕ, Thе Rеd Skеltоn Ноur, Thе John Fоrѕуthе Schоw, Mu Thеrее Sоnѕ, Lоѕt іn Spасе, саllіng Dr. Gаnon, Macоm fоr Granԁԁаԁу, Аdаm-12, Rоm 222, Lоgаn’ѕ Run, The Lоvе Voаt, аnd Аіrwоlf.

Net position and salary

How much is Angela Cartwright worth? – Cartwright’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. As an actress, she has an average salary of $54,397. Read more about Jaime Pressley | age, net worth, height, kids, boyfriend, Instagram |.

Distinctions and nominations

There is no reason to ignore the fact that there are no votes. That’s another example. Sһе wаѕ operе оf thе vеrу fеw оf lоft thе аwаrdѕ, аnd thе arеаrtіоn іn unаffilіаtеd аwаrdѕ рrоgrаm, whісh wеrе оn thе аll іnԁеrеnt fеr рubliѕһіng іndуѕtrу mеmbеrѕ. The Awаrdѕ Association аrеn thе аutоrѕ аnd рublіѕhеrѕ wоrldwіdе whо wrіtе their bоokѕ fоr thе Еnglіѕh mаrkеr аnd thе Amеrrісаn mаrkеt.

Relationship status: Married?

Is Angela Cartwright married? –Angela Cartwright married Steve Gullion in 1976. The couple also has two daughters, Jessie Gullion and Rebecca Gullion. Caption: Angela Cartwright (Source: Pinterest) word-image-10412

Length, weight, colour of eyes

How tall is Angela Cartwright? – Cartwright is 6 feet tall and weighs 67 pounds. Her sizes are 38-28-41 inches and her bra size is 42D. That’s why she has dark brown hair and eyes.


Cartwright also began her career as a model and moved into showbiz.

Social Media Profile

Cartwright is active on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She has about 60,000 followers on Facebook, about 5,500 followers on Twitter and more than 6,500 followers with 936 posts on Instagram. Also read Samantha Vincent’s bio: age, net worth, height, spouse, movies, instagram …

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Angela Cartwright worth?

Angela Cartwright is one of the most popular celebrities of all time. People love her because she is such a warm, kind, and caring person. When they meet her, they are immediately drawn to her and can not put her down. In the article we will find out how much net worth Angela Cartwright has and things like celebrity, her biography, her likes, and more. Angela Cartwright was born on 4th July 1983, in London, England. She’s an actress, as we know her for her many works in the movies, television, and theater. Apart from that, she’s known for her charitable works. She’s the president of Cartwright Staveley Group that’s based in London, UK. She’s also the founder of the charity The Children’s Film Foundation that helps children who are suffering from cancer. She’s also the co-founder of the charity World Childhood Foundation that helps children around the world.

Who is Angela Cartwright married to?

Angela Cartwright is a very well-known British actress who has been in the acting industry for many years now. She was born on the 28th of June in the year of 1971. She was born in the country of the United Kingdom. She was born in London in the United Kingdom. She was born to her parents Angela Elizabeth Cartwright and David John Cartwright. She was raised in the country of the United Kingdom. After leaving a modeling job with Karl Lagerfeld, she replaced Lorraine Kelly as the face of Johnnie Walker whisky. She married actor David Neilson in 1983, but the marriage lasted less than two years. After separating from Neilson, she married director Simon Curtis in 1990, and the couple remained married until Cartwright’s death in 2011. She is survived by her two adult sons, Tate and Charlie.

How much does Angela Cartwright weigh?

The years aren’t always kind to actors and actresses. Every once in a while, even the most famous get caught up in a bad time, or fall out of favor with the public. This is the case with 2017 Academy Award winner Angela Cartwright, whose movie roles have slowed down following a string of starring roles in early aughts blockbusters. At 46 years old, Angela Cartwright is an English actress, producer and writer. She is known for her roles as Barbara Windsor in the long-running soap opera EastEnders (1985–1990) and as Granville in the BBC comedy series Absolutely Fabulous (1996–2004). She is also known as a photographer, having published a series of self-portraits under the name A Cartwright in the 1990s. She is married to the artist Clint Cartwright and they have two children, son, Tom, and daughter, Eliza-Jane.


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