Araceli Arambula

Araceli Arambula is a Mexican actress, model, singer, television host and entrepreneur. Arambula is known for her role as Maria del Carmen Campusano in the television series Abrazame Muy Fuerte, and is also known for her roles in the television series La Patrona and Corazon Salvaje.

Why is Araceli Arambula famous?

  • is a Mexican actress, model and singer.

Araceli Arambula: Age, biology, parents, family, siblings, ethnicity

Araceli Arambula was born on the 6th. Born March 1975 in Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico. She is the daughter of father Manuel Arambula and mother Socorro Jacques, she has a brother Leonardo Arambula who is also a doctor and his manager.

She has Mexican nationality and is of Mexican descent (French and Basque).


In the field of education she visited the Centre for Arts Education.

Did you know that?

  • How old is Araceli Arambula? She’s 45 years old now.
  • How big is Arambula Arakseli? She’s 5’10”.
  • How much does Arambula cost? It’s estimated at $11 million.

All about the career of Araceli Arambula

In the beginning she played more modest roles in many cultivation novels, such as Prisionera de Amor, Cuerpo y Alma, Acapulco and Cancion de Amor. Later, in 2000, she had the opportunity to play the role of Maria del Carmen Campusano in a film entitled Abrazame Mui Fuerte.

Other notable films in which she has had the opportunity to play leading roles are Las Viejas del Amor, Corazon Salvaje, Patron, Les Miserables and Dona as Perla Gutierrez Vazquez, Regina, Gabriela Suarez, Lucia Lucia Durán Monteagudo and Altagracia Sandoval Ramos, respectively. From 1996 to 1997, however, she played several roles in two episodes of a television series called Mujer, Casos de la Vida Real.

Arambula Araceli Signature : Araceli Arambula (Source: Chicago Tribune)

She has also appeared in Gardenia Peralta and Dulce in the productions Parfum Gardenia (2010) and Que los hombres aman a las cabronas (2015). His studio albums Solo tuya and Sexy, released in 2002 and 2005, reached the 35th and 20th place in the American charts, respectively.

Las vias de Amor en la patrona of the album Linea de Oro also belong to his promotional singles, as well as off-album songs from 2002 and 2013 respectively.

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In 1996 she won the El Heraldo de México in El Rostro de El Heraldo de México. He also won the El Heraldo de México award in the Mejor Actriz category. It won the Premios Tu Mundo in the categories Protagonista Favorita and La Pareja Perfecta.

Araceli Arambula: Shareholders’ equity and payroll

Her net worth is estimated at 11 million dollars, which she earned during her career as a professional actress.

Arambula Araceli Signature : Araceli Arambula (Source: EI Universal)

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Is Arasseli Arambula married? Husband, children, marriage

Araceli went out with the Mexican singer Luis Miguel from 2005 to 2009, they have two sons, Miguel Gallego Arambula at 1. January 2007 and a second son, Daniel, on the 18th. December 2008.

Arambula Araceli Signature : Araceli Arambula (Source: Pinterest)

Araceli Arambula: Height, weight, colour of eyes

She is 5 foot 7 inches long and weighs about 55 pounds. She also has blond hair and green eyes. The size is 35-24-35 inches.

Is Araceli Arambula active on social media?

It has about 1 million followers on Facebook, 5.4 million followers on Instagram and 1.52 million followers on Twitter.

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