News about the British royal family reveals that an astrologer has claimed that the personalities of the royals can be found in the stars. Teresa Cheung is a British bestselling author who has written about spirituality, dreams and the paranormal. She uses psychology, eastern and western astrology and numerology to profile people and reveal their deepest personality traits.

Teresa told Femail: Your birthday is key to your personality and your birthday profile highlights your potential, but everyone has a choice in how they express that potential. Therefore, no two people born on the same day will ever be the same.

Royal House News – Are stars the key to identity?

What effect does this have on the personalities of the royal family, based on their unique blend of analysis?

Kate Middleton’s birthday is on the 9th. Janvier suggests that she is a wannabe who leads with her head rather than her heart. January is associated with aspirations, but they are realistic rather than fanciful.

People born on this day are energetic, dedicated and want to be on top. They seem fragile, but in reality they are resilient and have the ability to recover. Moreover, Kate is capable of making great sacrifices for those she loves.

Royal Family News – What do the stars say about you?

Megan was born on the 4th. Augustus was born, which Theresa attributes to the rebellion. The biggest challenge for them, she says, is to learn to handle power and become responsible in their rebellion. It is full of determination, but only when it is positively focused does it bring relief.

According to Teresa, Megan’s motivation is to feel exceptional, which is evident in her attitude I don’t have to answer to anyone.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry was born on 15. September born.

What do the stars say about Harry? This is what the astrologer should have said: People born on this day have an endearing quality of purity, innocence and self-confidence – but although they look earthy and opulent, they can also be mysterious. Ambitious and hardworking, they want to do their best for everyone, but this can lead to burnout.

She warns that Harry must learn to find the right career and the right people to trust, and to understand that looks, money and status don’t buy security, love or happiness.

News from the Royal Family: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle barked at the royal assistants, they were the boss #PrinceHarry #MeghanMarkle

– SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) 5. April 2021

Royal Family News – Is Prince William full of admiration and joy?

On the 21st. June is Prince William’s birthday, the longest day of the year, and Teresa says that means he’ll have a passion for art, travel, education and humanitarian work.

His life lesson is not to depend on other people or institutions for a sense of identity, and to understand that happiness comes from within.

She thinks she needs time to think and process things, but she is also compassionate and will try to reconcile with Harry and Megan in due course.

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