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Aren Marcu Jackson is a convicted American criminal and the husband of the famous American television actress Tia Torres. His wife is known for her work in the reality TV series Pitbulls and Parolees.

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What is Mark Jackson’s reputation?

  • A convicted American criminal
  • The husband of an American actress, Tia Torres…

Aren Marku Jackson: Age, biology, parents, family, siblings, childhood, ethnicity

Aren Marku Jackson was born in August 1968 in the United States. His family is known as a kind of upper middle class. Jackson is an American citizen and his ethnicity is Caucasian. He grew up in a Christian family because his parents were Jewish.


Information about the origins of Arena is not yet known.

Did you know that?

  • How old is the Mark Jackson Arena? In 2020 he will be 52 years old.
  • Who’s Marcu Jackson’s wife? His wife is the famous American actress Tia Torres.
  • Is Marcu Jackson active on Twitter? No, it’s not available on social media sites.

All about the Marku Jackson Arena Career

The profession of Aren de Marcu Jackson still leads a dark existence. However, his wife Tia made her debut at the American reality show Pitbull and Parole in 2009. Tia worked with Danny Trejo on the show.

Jackson’s wife also appeared in many other television series, such as B. in Pit Bulls and Parole: Rescue, pit bulls and parolees: No chains, and a lot more. She also wrote the book My Life Among Losers: Memories 7. August 2018.


Aren was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in 2007 and therefore still lives as a prisoner in California. He has been charged with 11 different felonies, which means that 11 different types of charges have been filed against Arena, including burglary, attempted murder, and it has also been proven that he was involved in a car break-in in Antelope Valley in 2007.

He also committed an offensive second-degree carjacking and tried to shoot a police officer, turning it into an attempted murder case. All of Arena’s mistakes ruined his career and led to him being held captive by a TV actor and a celebrity.

Aren Marku Jackson Capital : Aren Marku Jackson (Source: Celebliveupdae)

After 15 years in prison for Aren, Tia and all her children started to make their business stronger and richer.

Because Tia managed to receive show after show, her children were the host of the show. Everyone has a role, and besides their own show, they can all be seen in very popular shows like Animal Planet and Pit Bulls & Parolees.

We know he’ll be released in 2020 after serving his 15-year sentence.

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Shareholders’ equity

His net worth is still being revised because the details of his career are still unknown. That being said, his wife has a net worth of $500,000. In the same way, his wife earns between $200,000 and $250,000 a year.

Is Marcu Jackson married? Wife, children, marriage

Aren Marku Jackson is married to Tia Torres. They met in 2005 in a restaurant in Southern California. Later, one of their mutual friends introduced them to each other and they became friends. Soon they started dating. The duo joined forces in mid-2006.

Aren Marku Jackson Capital : Aren Marku Jackson (Source; Celeb Bio).

Aren and Tia have a refined daughter, Maria Jackson. They both decided to adopt two children, Kanani and Keli. However, Tia also had a daughter named Tanya before she became involved with Aren. Due to personal problems, Aren and Tia broke up ten years ago.

Jackson’s wife likes to share photos of her with her family and fans on her social accounts. Jackson currently lives with his family in New Orleans, LA.

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Height, weight, colour of eyes

Aren has light brown hair and brown eyes, but its exact length, weight and other body measurements are unknown.

Aren Marku Jackson Capital : Aren Marku Jackson (source: pinterest).

Is Marcu Jackson active on social media?

Aren does not seem to be active on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

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