Net value 8 million
Real Name Ashanti Shekula Douglas
Date of birth 13. October 1980.
Height 1.6 m

Ashanti is an American singer, record producer, model and heroine. She publishes her numerous music collections and other compilation recordings. She is currently one of the most popular artists in the music industry.  Also. He’s the kind of artist who’s accomplished a lot in his life. In this article you will discover the net assets, career, growth, age and source of income of the Ashanti.

The beginning and the biography of Ashanti

Ashanti Shekwalla Douglas is only known as Ashanti, the name of her platform.  Ashanti’s net worth is $10 million. She knows her R&B singles very well. And collaborations with rappers like Yes Rule and Fat Joe. Identified for their soft, polished sound.

The majority of his portfolio remains on the Billboard hedge. And they were live the whole time. She’s now a more attractive actress in the industry.

Her acting career started after she started singing. And her acting career is also at the height of this period. Some of his famous movies: Coach Carter, John Tucker must die, et cetera.

He was found by a teenage genius. And then she confirmed to Murder Inc. in 2002.

Prices and performance

  • In 2003 Ashanti won the New Favourite Artist Award in the pop category.
  • In 2003 his song Foolish won an R&B prize.
  • Ashanti won the prize for best style in 200.
  • In 2017 Stuck won the award for best actress.

Quotation marks Ashanti

It’s important never to go into business just like that.

You have to make it look like you’re fighting to lose.

How much does Ashanti cost?

Ashanti entered the music industry as a teenager. Her work is not only musical, but also heroic, she directs.

In her early years she started working as a singer and dancer. When people look at his work, they’re interested.

Concerns about their vocal skills were expressed in several workshops. She chose them, but the biggest problem was still there. That they haven’t yet determined how she’s capable…

Value of Ashanti: $8 million

Ashanti began to appreciate her musical career more and more. In the 2000s she perfected her acting skills. Ashanti works in both the music and film industries. Part of the music was of a very high level. And therein lies the real success of his life.

But when she decided to get a part in the movie. So it was a good choice for her. His films have been a great success all over the world. This brought Asanti’s net worth to $10 million.

In the beginning of her life she wants to work as a musician. And then his interest shifted to movies.

After working in the film industry, she completely changed her lifestyle. And now his name is on the list of rich and famous singers.

How much did Ashanti earn during her career?

Most of their wealth came from the economy of their trusted music collections. Most of his recordings have become platinum.

Six million copies of their unique portfolio were sold worldwide. Another album sold 500,000 units at the beginning of the release week.

Ashanti’s recording activity doesn’t just come from her current music. Just like their Christmas collections and other compilations.

In total Ashanti has sold more than 15 million copies. Their songs are streamed on Spotify and other major platforms.

The artist had more than 3 million listeners a month on the Spotify platform. And his song Silly has been played over 150 times.

Although their new soundtracks were not as successful as their original collections. At the top of her list she derives a regular income from her greatest successes.

When Ashanti ran some garages, she tried to get shot the old-fashioned way. And I have income from working with other personalities.

When one of the breeders, Irv Gotti, tracked down Ashanti’s voice… He determined how she should use her abilities.

Early 2000, when she released her iconic songs What’s Luv and the song Always On Time. They are marketed by two different manufacturers at the same time.

This took Ashanti two places on the Billboard Hot 100.

In 2002, when Ashanti released their own track Head. But when she did, it put everyone on her trail.

Songs Stupid was one of the best songs on Billboard for many weeks. After that track, when it peaked in a month and a half.

Ashanti has published another original collection. But it is not surprising that these numbers do not occupy a prominent place.

His Coach Carter movie was a hit. And generate $80 million in sales worldwide. One of the Resident Evil movies: Extinct, this film has earned $150 million worldwide.

From the beginning of Ashanti’s career until today, she has worked with many producers and composers. And may all this bring success to your life.

It’s all those secrets that make her a rich lady. So Ashanti’s net worth is $10 million.

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