Back to the Balearics! Prep for a sun soaked summer in Ibiza. Bring on the bikinis and beach bags! There really is no place like Ibiza and the Balearics, and the summer here is truly one of the best times of the year to visit. The beaches are perfect, the nightlife is amazing, and it’s a great time to enjoy some of the best restaurants in the world.

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With the news that the vaccination certificate for Spain could be ready by June, many are looking forward to a long-awaited holiday in the sun.

A recent survey by found that 92% of attendees plan to visit Ibiza this year, which doesn’t surprise us. For those looking for the perfect island holiday, there is certainly no better option than a getaway to the sultry island of Ibiza! A place where you can really let loose – which we all deserve after the past year.

To celebrate the partnership between O’Beach Ibiza and The Bottle Club and the launch of the new Ibiza packages, the team at The Bottle Club has put together a summer guide on how to prepare for your trip to Ibiza in 2021…..

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Preparation of the equipment

As comfortable as they are, we’ve all been walking around in sweatpants and sweatshirts for far too long. Get ready to pull out your swimsuits, flip-flops and glitter boxes because summer in Ibiza is upon us again, and after last year’s trip, you’ll want to be sure of your clothing choices and be ready to pack 20kg of luggage.

Remember: Every kilo counts!

Buy a package

Have you forgotten what it’s like to party and get loose? We know the feeling.

That’s why the Bottle Club has teamed up with O Beach Ibiza to create three packages with a choice of a Ciroc vodka, a Veuve Clicquot or both if you’re feeling a little spicy.

They also include an exclusive O Beach Spotify playlist and tickets to O Beach Ibiza (yes, you read that right, we’ve all had a tough year; spoil yourself!).

Buy tickets for DJ concerts and events

So you have a ticket to O Beach, but what about the rest? After the announcement of the roadmap for the UK, the number of searches on Google for Ibiza Holidays increased by 68%.

To avoid sitting at the hotel buffet, it’s best to book tickets in advance for the DJs you want to see and the events you want to attend. Make a list of people you want to see and watch for ticket offers in the coming weeks.

Book a holiday

While we all want to forget the past year and move on to better things, it’s best to be as prepared as possible. When you book your holiday this year, make sure you are fully insured against cancellations or changes.

Travel insurance is essential to ensure the safety of your holiday. Look for an ATOL insurance policy that offers financial protection and has a Covid 19 policy. We also recommend that you use a credit card to purchase your trip, as you will usually purchase additional travel insurance.

If possible, try to book a package holiday. If your flight and accommodation are booked separately, you may only be covered for part of your holiday.

Make cocktails at home to feel the spirit of Ibiza

Rejoice – the summer of 2021 begins again! The Bottle Club has put together some party cocktails you can make at home to get in the Ibiza mood.

Get inspired and buy the Bottle Club kit here.

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