Bella Poarch is an American-Filipino social media sensation who gained fame on the TikTok platform in a matter of months. Bella joined TikTok in April 2020 and quickly made a name for herself. In less than eight months, she has more than 40 million followers. She has released several music videos, but her biggest hit was the video for the viral song Millie B to the B. The extended video, in which she lip syncs and bounces to the beat of the song, became one of the most popular videos of all time on TikTok.

Bella has been involved in a number of controversies since she became famous. Among other things, she gave one of her friends a racist nickname and had a tattoo of Japanese imperialism.

Professional life and career

Bella Poarch was born on the 8th. February 1997: Born in the Philippines. She grew up with her family in the Philippines and later moved to Hawaii with them. When she came of age, she joined the United States Navy.

Bella’s real name has been in doubt since she became famous, as a photo of her in a US Navy uniform shows that her last name is Taylor. This implies that Bella Poarch is not her real name. His date of birth has also been questioned, as some websites list a different date.

Signature: Bella Poarch (Source: Instagram)

As of November 2020, Bella Poarch has more than 40.6 million followers on TikTok, 136,000 followers on Twitter, 176,000 subscribers on YouTube and 7.5 million followers on Instagram.

Bella joined TikTok in April 2020 and quickly rose to fame, amassing over 40 million followers in less than eight months. She has released several music videos, but her biggest hit was the video for the viral song Millie B to the B. The zoomed-in video of her lip-syncing and bouncing to the beat of the song became one of the most popular videos of all time on TikTok.

There was also criticism of the video, with many wondering why it was so well received and so popular for so little effort.

Bella’s TikTok account mainly focuses on sophistication, lip-synced videos, dance videos and some gaming content – her first TikTok video is about gaming.

A few months after the success of TikTok, she launched a YouTube channel and a Twitter page.

Controversies and scandals

Bella has been embroiled in many controversies since she became famous in 2020. The actress has a flag of the rising sun tattooed on her body, which has caused controversy. His particular tattoo was for many South Koreans a symbol of Japanese imperialism. Because of its history, the flag remains controversial to this day.

The 5th. In September, the social media star apologized to her fans by explaining that she did not know the history of the symbol and had immediately covered it up, intending to remove it when she discovered its meaning. In October, she said the tattoo was covered and that she would share photos when it healed.

Signature: Bella Poarch (Source: Instagram)

Bella was also accused of using a racist nickname when she referred to one of her friends on social media. She named one of her black friends Harambe, after a gorilla who was killed in 2016 after a young boy climbed into his enclosure. In the past, monkeys and gorillas have been given racist names. Bella replied: Do you really want to blame me for calling my friend Harambe! When we worked in Japan, that was his nickname.

Bella’s personal life was a secret. The star appeared on the rapper’s TikTok video in September, lip-synching and dancing. Rumors have surfaced that Tyga and Bella are dating, but there is no proof of that.

frequently asked questions

How much is Bella Poarch worth?

A : Bella Poarch’s net worth is between $200,000 and $300,000.

How tall is Bella Poarch?.

Bella Poarch.

How old is Bella Poarchu from TikTok?

Famous Birthdays, a website that acts as a sort of index of internet celebrities, indicates that Poarch was born on the 8th. February 1997 was born in the Philippines (Poarch publicly said he was Filipino). If this birthdate was correct, Poarch would be 23 years old today.

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