Biography of Bhagat Singh, Wikipedia, family, death and more Bhagat Singh (24 September 1906 – deceased 23 March 1931) was a great freedom fighter and revolutionary of India. He fought with Chandrashehar Azad and other party members against the powerful British government with unprecedented courage for the independence of the country. The assassination of Saunders first in Lahore and then the bombardment of the Central Assembly in Delhi led to an open rebellion against the British Empire.

He also refused to run away and threw a bomb at a meeting. As a result, he was killed on the 23rd. March 1931 hung with two other companions, Rajguru and Sukhdav. The whole country remembers his sacrifice very seriously.

Birth and beginning of life of Bhagat Singh

Bhagat Singh Sandhu was born on the 24th. He was born in September 1908, but according to numerous testimonies from that time, he was born on the 19th. Born in October 1907. His father’s name was Sardar Kishan Singh Sandhu and his mother Vidyavati Kaur. It was the Yat family. The massacre of 13 people in Jalianwala Bagh. April 1919 in Amritsar had a profound influence on the thinking of Bhagat Singh.

Bhagat Singh founded Naudjavan Bharat Sabha for the independence of India and left his studies at the National College of Lahore. In the Kakori case, Bhagat Singh was so fascinated by the hanging of seven revolutionaries, including Ram Prasad Bismil, and the imprisonment of 18 others that Pandit Chandrashekhar Azad joined and renamed his party, the Hindu Socialist Republican Association.

The goal of this organization was to create young people who are able to serve, sacrifice and suffer. Bhagat Singh and Rajguru killed British officer JP Sanders, who was killed on the 14th. December 1926: Deputy Police Commissioner in Lahore. The revolutionary Chandraschekhar Azad fully supported him in this action.

Bhagat Singh threw the ball at 7. April 1929, with his revolutionary partner Batoukeshwar Dutt, bombs and distributes leaflets to wake up the British government in the parliament building of the then Central Assembly of British India in what is now New Delhi. After they dropped the bomb, they arrested them both.

The revolutionary activities of Bhagat Singh

Bhagat Singh was about twelve years old when the Jalianwal Bagh massacre took place. After receiving this information, Bhagat Singh fled 12 miles from his school and reached Jillianwal Bagh. At that age, Bhagat Singh read his uncle’s revolutionary books and wondered if his path was the right one. After the collapse of the unwilling Gandhiji movement, he began to make his own choice between the non-violent ways of Gandhiji and the violent revolutionary movement.

There was a slight anger in him as a result of the Gandhiji movement’s rejection of non-cooperation, but like all people, he respected Mahatma Gandhi. But he did not consider it unfair, in the name of the freedom of the country, to go down the road of a violent revolution instead of the non-violent Gandhiji movement. He started participating in processions and became a member of many revolutionary parties.

Among the outstanding revolutionaries of his party were Chandraschekhar Azad, Sukhdev and Rajguru. In Kakori Kand 6 revolutionaries were hanged and 18 others were sentenced to imprisonment. Bhagat Singh was so enthusiastic that in 1926 he united his party, the Nauzhavan Bharat Sabha, with the Hindu Republican Association and gave it a new name – the Hindu Socialist Republican Association.

Revenge for the death of Lala Ji

In 1926, the boycott of the Simon Commission gave rise to terrible demonstrations. The British government has also filed a Latin American complaint against those who took part in the demonstrations. Lala Lajpat Paradise died after this Latin accusation. He’s not with them anymore. As part of a secret plan, he hatched the plan to assassinate commissioner Scott. As planned, Bhagat Singh and Rajguru started walking in a busy area near Lahore Kotwali. On the other side Jaigopal sat with his bike like he was spoiled. They were both looking for Gopal. On the other hand, Chandrashehar Azad worked as a guard and hid the incident at the border of the nearby D.A.L.V. school.

The 14th. In December 1924, around a quarter past four, as soon as ASP Saunders arrived, Rajguru shot him in the head, after which he immediately lost consciousness. Bhagat Singh then fired 3-4 shots and fully prepared for his death. When they both ran away, DC Chanan Singh started chasing them. Chandrashekhar Azad warned him: If I keep this up, I’m gonna shoot. Azad didn’t believe him and shot him. In this way, these people will avenge the death of the Lala-Laipat paradise.

Bomb fall on assembly

Although Bhagat Singh is not a follower of bloodshed, he believes in leftist ideology and is attached to the principles of Karl Marx and propagates the same ideology. But he was also a great supplier of socialism. In the past there have been reports of young people cheating on behalf of Bhagat Singh by telling them about the ideology of their opponents.

Despite the fact that Congress was in power, Bhagat Singh was not given the status of martyr of Congress because he only used the name Bhagat Singh to link the youth to his party. He did not like the capitalist policy of exploitation of workers. Since the British were the only surveyors of the time and few Indian industrialists were able to make progress, it was natural for them to resist the atrocities committed against British workers.

His group decided to prevent the introduction of an anti-employee policy in the British Parliament. Everyone wanted the British to know that Hindustan was awake and that their hearts were outraged by this policy. To this end, he plans to drop a bomb on the central assembly in Delhi.

Bhagat Singh Prison day

Bhagat Singh spent nearly two years in prison… In this period he wrote articles and expressed his revolutionary views. His training continued in prison. His articles at the time and the letters he wrote to his family and friends still reflect his thoughts today. In his articles he describes capitalists in many ways as his enemy. He wrote that although an Indian who exploited the workers was the enemy, he was their enemy.

In prison, he also wrote an article in English entitled Why am I an atheist? Bhagat Singh and his colleagues started a seven-day hunger strike in prison. One of his companions, Yatindranath Das, left his life on hunger strike.


The 26th. In August 1930, a court found Bhagat Singh guilty under Articles 129 and 302 of the Indian Criminal Code, Articles 4 and 6F of the Explosives Act and Article 120 of the GPA. On the 7th. In October 1930, the court sentenced Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru to the death penalty of 68 pages.

Article 144 was introduced in Lahore with the execution of the verdict. A pardon request for the execution of Bhagat Singh was then filed with the Privy Council, but was rejected on day 10. January 1931 was revoked. Then on the 14th. In February 1931, the then President of Congress, Madan Mohan Malvia, asked the Viceroy’s forgiveness and made use of his privilege to renounce the death penalty on the basis of humanity.

Mahatma Gandhi speaks on the 17th. February 1931 with the Viceroy on the forgiveness of Bhagat Singh’s death sentence, then on the 18th. In February 1931, on behalf of the public, the Viceroy appealed against the refusal with various arguments. All this happened against the will of Bhagat Singh, because he did not want his judgment to be forgiven.

23. March 1931. Bhagat Singh and his two comrades Sukhdav and Rajguru were hanged at about 7.33 pm.

They say that when the prison authorities said it was time to execute them, they said Stop! First find another man’s revolutionary. Then, a minute later, the book jumped to the ceiling and said OK, let’s go now.

As they stepped on the gallows, the three of them sang with joy…

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