Celebrities are ordinary people, just like us. They have similar problems and can suffer from the same ailments as we do. Even though they are much more famous than you and I and make more money than we do, they are still normal people at heart.

So, like normal people, some of them use all kinds of medication to treat their problems. One of these, of course, is the medical use of cannabis. Medical marijuana is legalized in almost every state in the United States. Recreational use is still a cause for dissatisfaction, and only a few states have made it available. However, the medicinal properties of cannabis cannot be denied under certain conditions.

The research is still ongoing, but there are many things for which marijuana is prescribed. It can relieve pain, help people with glaucoma and even help fight depression and anxiety. There are many applications of cannabis for medical purposes that we do not know yet, but the research is still ongoing.

These celebrities recognize the positive qualities it has and have decided to use it.

Whoopi Goldberg.

The famous actress Whoopi Goldberg is known as an old medical marijuana activist. She and her friend Maya Elizabeth eventually founded their own company selling medical cannabis specifically tailored to women’s needs for menstrual pain.

Tommy Chong.


Tommy Chong, who is part of the Cheech and Chong act, has been an inescapable character and the face of cannabis culture for years. He has also become a supporter of the medical use of marijuana, creating a legitimate business that can help people buy only the best, hand-picked products for their needs. Tommy introduced his own brand, Chong’s Choice, because his company provides its customers with the best locally grown products.

Sam Simon.

Sam Simon, better known as the co-creator of the Grammy Award-winning Simpsons series, unfortunately died a few years ago of bowel cancer problems. After the diagnosis, we gave Sam three to six months to live. He started with medicinal cannabis and asked his own people to make sweets. He lived for three years and it was said that his life was prolonged by his use of cannabis.

Alessandra Ambrosio.

Brazilian model and TV host Alessandra Ambrosio says she needs a good eight hours of sleep before she goes to work. To help her with this task, she started using medical cannabis and CBD oil to reduce the stress and anxiety of her work. She has never felt better and feels that the effects are more than beneficial for her life. She also drinks water with CBD to strengthen her health and immune system.

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell White, no makeup.

Kristen Bell

The American actress and singer Kristen Bell has been fighting depression and anxiety since the age of 18. The weight of fame overtakes a man who started his career so young. So she started using CBD oil and takes a few drops every day to help alleviate these problems. She also said that the CBD oil helps her recover from her workouts and relieves muscle tension.


Jay-Z is not only known as a rapper, producer and manager. He is also an entrepreneur and looks for opportunities where he can find them. In 2019 he decided to enter the medical cannabis business and set up his own company, Calvia, based in California. Jay-Z and his company sell a number of products related to the CBD for various medical purposes and applications.

Oliver Stone

The famous filmmaker, writer and director Oliver Stone has long advocated the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Actually, he’s been there since the Vietnam War. He was in that war and came back with post-traumatic stress disorder. He felt that medical use of cannabis helped him to alleviate and calm his symptoms.  He explains that it helps him to balance his life and maintain a healthy mind.

Stacey London.


An American stylist and fashion consultant had severe pain after back surgery. She couldn’t find a way to relieve the pain after surgery, and it caused her a lot of discomfort. As a result, she applied for and received a medical marijuana license. It helped her a lot, even after she started using the CBD. She says the pain is almost gone, but she feels good and is excited to get through the day.

Camilla Hansson

Miss Sweden 2014 has had problems with endometriosis. She found solace when she started using the CBD and discovered it was actually good for her. Then she started her own company, Camilla Organics, and created a high-end brand of various CBD products. Her goal is to help other women with similar problems.

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