Born in the 1960s, Chris Knight is just one of many iconic musicians who emerged during that era. Today, he’s most recognized for his song “Nights on Broadway” and album American Pie. From New York City to Nashville with stops along the way, Knight has seen firsthand how music can change lives.

Chris Knight is an American country music singer and songwriter. He has released five studio albums, one compilation album, three extended plays, and twenty-one singles. His first four studio albums all reached number 1 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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Chris Knight Chris Knight’s songwriting ability has benefited him much. His tales about the rocky emotional terrain of everyday lives, told in the kind but rough-hewn tone of his Kentucky-accented voice, have earned him a devoted following. Other musicians have recorded his songs, including Blake Shelton, Randy Travis, Ty Herndon, Montgomery Gentry, and Confederate Railroad, and his work has been covered by country hitmakers including Blake Shelton, Randy Travis, Ty Herndon, Montgomery Gentry, and Confederate Railroad. Knight’s music, in his own hands, is as plain, direct, and emotional as his words, with a straightforward and emotive sound that combines no-frills country with a stripped-down variation on country-rock. Chris Knight, his first and only major-label album, was out in 1998 and was shiny by his standards, but it presented his music with coherence and respect. Knight’s lyrics and performance approach were recorded in an unvarnished manner on 2006’s Enough Rope and 2008’s Heart of Stone, while 2019’s Almost Daylight saw him adding rough-hewn rock guitar to his arrangements.

Guitar Town Chris Knight was born on June 24, 1960, in Slaughters, a tiny rural community in Western Kentucky. Knight was the youngest of five siblings when his parents bought him a toy guitar for Christmas when he was three years old. He soon upgraded to a better instrument, which he stole from his brother, and by the age of 15, he’d become a huge John Prine fan, learning to play almost 40 of his songs. Knight studied agriculture at Western Kentucky University after high school, earning a degree and worked for the Kentucky Department of Surface Mining for a decade. Knight was inspired by the honesty and swagger of Steve Earle’s music after hearing some of his songs on the radio in 1986. Earle was then a growing celebrity following the publication of his album Guitar Town, and he started composing songs himself. Knight first played his songs in front of an audience when he was 30, and he began recording rough recordings of his melodies in the trailer he called home four years later. Fans who possessed copies of Knight’s demo recordings started duplicating copies for friends, creating a buzz that led to him performing in Nashville for the first time in 1993. After hearing Knight’s compositions at numerous Nashville songwriter showcases, Frank Liddell recognized promise in them and signed him to a publishing contract with Bluewater Records. Liddell was recruited as an A&R guy by Decca Records, which had been resurrected by MCA as a country label, a few years later, and he added Knight to their roster. Chris Knight was released in 1998 to good reviews, but a few months later, MCA’s business reorganization caused Decca to be phased out, leaving Knight to wonder what would happen to his contract.

A Pretty Good Guy Knight started recording songs he had composed during his unexpected sabbatical once he was no longer bound by his Decca/MCA contract. Knight had a contract with the indie Dualtone label, which released A Pretty Good Guy in 2001, which was produced by former Georgia Satellites guitarist Dan Baird. Knight’s third album, The Jealous Kind, was produced by Baird and producer/engineer Joe Hardy (whose credits include work with ZZ Top, the Replacements, and Steve Earle). Knight gained complete control of his music career and established his own label, Drifter’s Church Productions, after releasing two albums via Dualtone. He debuted the company with one of his best albums, 2006’s Enough Rope. Knight had built up such a following in Texas as a result of his frequent traveling in the Southwest that Governor Rick Perry named him an Honorary Texan. The Trailer Tapes, a compilation of home-recorded demos that had gained Knight his first notoriety in the mid-’90s, was released in 2007; a second volume, Trailer II, was released in 2009. Dan Baird returned as producer on 2008’s Heart of Stone, while Ray Kennedy, a regular Steve Earle collaborator, was in charge of 2012’s Little Victories, which included a cameo appearance by Knight’s songwriting idol John Prine. Knight was kept busy for the following several years by touring, writing, and family obligations, but after a five-year hiatus, he returned with 2019’s Almost Daylight, which included huge electric guitar sounds that pushed his music farther into rock than he’d gone previously in the studio.

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Chris Knight is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who has been active since the late 1990s. His musical style is described as bluegrass, but he also incorporates elements of country, folk, jazz and rock into his music. He has released eight studio albums and one live album to date. Reference: chris knight family.

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