Cody Bellinger, a famous baseball player in the MLB, has been dating Chase Carter for almost two years. The couple has decided to have a baby together and their beautiful daughter was born on 1 December 2021 after only 32 weeks of pregnancy. This is both an exciting and scary time for Cody as he starts his parenting journey with his girlfriend’s little girl!

Cody Bellinger is a proud father! His girlfriend model Chase Carter delivered a baby girl on 1 December 2021. Cody is currently only 20 years old, making him the youngest player to ever have a child.

Cody Bellinger is a proud father! His girlfriend model Chase Carter delivered a baby girl on 1 December 2021

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It had been a long time coming! Cody Bellinger, a slugger with the Los Angeles Dodgers, has become a father! On December 1, 2021, his girlfriend Chase Carter gave birth to a baby girl. Both of them admire her, and she is quite attractive. This fantastic news was shared by his team!

Cody Bellinger has given birth to a child!

Cody Bellinger of the Los Angeles Dodgers and his girlfriend, Chase Carter, have had their first child. Chase gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on the first of the month. Cody is ready to put his parenting talents on show. For his admirers, his staff shared the fantastic news on his Twitter account. The tweet has now received over 16.4k likes and 254 comments. More than 1.1k people have retweeted it.

Cody BellingerCody and Maiden are a couple. (Photo courtesy of Yahoo)

As one of his admirers put it:

“Congratulations, but please sign Correa now.”

Another person asked:

“Carlos Correa needs to be his godfather.”

A third person added:

“This season, Caiden, Daddy MVP.”

A kind note was left by one of the fans:

“What a lovely angel!” “Welcome to the universe!”

Another person complimented him, saying:

“Now it’s official. Cody will go wild next year, riding high on his playoff success.”

Chase is expecting a child.

Model Chase had astonished Cody with her pregnancy announcement earlier this year. In July 2021, the pair announced their engagement. They also said that the unborn kid is a girl. Cody disclosed in September 2021 that he had kept Chase’s pregnancy a secret. To the New York Post, he stated why:

“I discovered out four months ago, so I kept it a secret for a while to make sure [they] were healthy,” she says.

Cody BellingerCody and Chase are a couple. (Photo courtesy of the New York Post)

Cody also told the Post about the guidance he received from his friends and family:

“Everyone has told me, ‘Your first child, you really don’t know what to do, so don’t be puzzled if you don’t know what to do,’ so don’t be confused if you don’t know what to do. I’m really looking forward to seeing her develop into her own person. It’s insane.”

Cody’s professional life

Cody is 26 years old now. He’ll be in the major leagues for the next six years with the Los Angeles Dodgers. With a height of 1.93 meters, he is the first baseman and outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball (MLB). He was taken in the fourth round of the 2013 MLB draft. In 2017, he made his first appearance for the squad.

Cody BellingerCody is a young man who has a (Source: Dodgers Way)

Clay Bellinger, Cody’s father, is a well-known MLB player. Clay has previously played for both the New York Yankees and the Anaheim Angels of Major League Baseball. Cody has been a baseball fan since he was a kid. He was a member of the Hamilton High School football team in Chandler, Arizona. Cody was named team MVP at both the junior and senior levels. He was supposed to play collegiate football for the Oregon Ducks, but he was lucky enough to get into the MLB before that.

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