Connie Chang is a 74-year-old American journalist of Chinese descent. She was born on the 20th. Born August 1946 in Washington, D.C. His father, William Ling Chang, was an intelligence officer for the Chinese government, and his mother’s name was Margaret.

They were a family of five, the last of which was born Connie Chang. She went to Montgomery Blair High School in Maryland. She went to the University of Maryland where she got a degree in journalism.

Details of Connie Chang’s career

At the end of the sixties she joined WTTG-TV as a journalist and writer.
In the 1970s, she became a correspondent for CBS News during a scandal with President Richard Nixon, which led to the resignation of the president during the Watergate scandal. She then left the company and joined KNXT-TV as a presenter.

In 1983 she joined NBC as a news anchor, where she became one of the most important television journalists. She ran Sunrise NBS News, the host of NBC Nightly News, and Tom Brokaw on weekdays at night.
In 1989 she joined the CBS, where she ran the Sunday and Saturday evening news with Connie Chang and signed a three-year contract with the CBS.

In 1992, she interviewed Erwin Johnson Jr. to let the public know that she was HIV-positive.

In 1995 she made one of the biggest breakthroughs in her career when she called and interviewed Kathleen Gingrich. Kathleen Gingrich was the President of the House. Connie asked her controversial questions, like what Gingrich’s son thinks of Hillary Clinton, which she didn’t answer.

In April 1995, during the bombing of Oklahoma City, she was widely criticized when she was accused of asking inappropriate and sarcastic questions. She asked for the spokesperson for the Oklahoma City Fire Department. This led to numerous protests, which led to his resignation from the CBC newsreel.

In 1997 she joined ABC News, where she managed several programs. They had a program called 20/20, which they ran with Charles Gibson. The show lasted two hours and usually took place on Friday evening. During this dispute she also conducted famous interviews in which she interviewed Gary Condita, who was completely focused on his relationship with his wife Levy, who was murdered in unknown circumstances. She was also a guest on Good Morning, America on ABC News.

Tonight she got a program on CNN called Connie Chang, which was then suspended in 2003 when the war in Iraq began. After his suspension, he got another news anchor role. This show has been highly criticized by the audience.

In 2002 she gave one of the biggest interviews to the famous tennis player Martina Navratilova. The tennis star liked to criticize the American political system. Chang told him about his country because he considered it unpatriotic for the nation.
In 2006 she moved to MSNBC, where she produced a talk show Weekends with Mori and Connie, together with her husband Mori Movich. The exhibition ended in June 2006.

Connie Chang also received a teaching position at the John F. Kennedy School of Management. Connie Chang has received several awards during her journalistic career. In 1969 she received a Certificate of Merit from the American Humanitarian Society and in 1979 she was named Outstanding Woman of the Year.

Connie Chang net costs

His net value is about $80 million, mainly because of the salaries he received.

Connie Chang from history

She was with Maurie Povich, who married later.

Connie Chang man

In 1984 she married Mauri Povich, who is also an American presenter.

Connie Chang parents

His parents were William Ling Chang and Margaret Ma.

Connie Chang children

He has a child, Matthew J. Povich, who was adopted in 1985.

Body dimensions of Connie Chang

She is 1.55 m high and weighs 51 kg.

Connie Chang Cars and house

In 2009 Connie Chang bought a house of 12,500 square meters. Your house has a swimming pool, music rooms and a roof terrace. Outside the house has a pond with cows, pergolas and well-kept gardens.

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