The Government of the Partido Popular (CPP) of the Convention will drastically reduce the size of the government and use the available resources to ensure the basic development of the population and to drive out corruption.

According to Ivor Kobina Greenstreet, presidential candidate for the checkpoint: We are committed to rebuilding our public institutions, which are vital to our democracy, to rebuilding our law enforcement agencies and to making progress in the fight against nepotism, patronage and corruption.

According to him, in our country, with such rich natural resources and despite the years in which we have adopted the neo-liberal policies of the International Monetary Fund/World Bank, we still have a shrinking and struggling economy, corruption and mass unemployment, especially among young people.

Under the Fourth Republic, the New Patriotic Party (PNP) and the duopoly of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have failed to keep their electoral promises, and it is time to expel them from the government.

Mr Greenstreet heralds the CPC election manifesto 2020, which focuses on this issue: The 2020 elections gave Ghana the opportunity to reflect on the deep problems we face as a nation, he said, and to restore confidence in the government.

According to him, the control point is happy to offer cruciform alternatives in the error management system of nuclear power plants and NDCs.
A candidate for the presidency of the PCO quoted Osadiefo Dr. Kwame Nkrum, the first president of Ghana and founder of the PCO: Our goal is to create a strong Ghanaian society in which no one cares about the basic needs of life, work, food and shelter, and in which poverty and illiteracy no longer exist.

The disease is under control and our educational institutions offer all children in Ghana the best opportunities to develop their skills.

Mr Greenstreet explained that President Nkrum’s 1964 statement in the PCA’s seven-year development plan is no less relevant today, despite the fact that it was made 56 years ago. This is in line with the PCO’s ideology and conviction that Ghana should be at the centre of all our economic and social development efforts.

According to him, the KGP government will restore hope and dignity to the population by improving the quality of public services; it will also restructure and/or create some important strategic public companies.

He said that the PCO government will restore Ghana, that our Great Leader, Dr. Nkruma, who was established through the reform of the government and its effective operation, will reduce the bureaucracy and create the necessary capacity for Ghana’s civil service and public service.

PCO will work with workers and companies to invest in state-of-the-art structures and to implement macro-economic changes that will benefit indigenous people’s businesses and industries.

Greenstreet said the 2020 elections would give Ghana the opportunity to firmly reject the PPD/PNP duopoly because of the failure of the government.

Is it also Ghana, where many privileged people associated with a compromised political elite continue to enrich themselves, or is it a new Ghana under government control with a new paradigm that works to everyone’s advantage and supports our workers?

Under my leadership, I promise that the checkpoint will build a country for everyone, not just privileged few. A nation where we all, regardless of ethnicity, religion or class, live together in harmony and enjoy peace and security in our homes and on the streets.

Mr Greenstreet explained it: The BKP 2020 Manifesto, like that of the Nkrumaists and Proud Socialists, is based on the idea of building a nation that is governed in such a way as to guarantee equal opportunities and shared prosperity for all its citizens.

Based on the principles of unity, peace, equality, democracy, freedom and social justice, this Manifesto is the surest way to change our society and build a better future for our people.

In this context, Greenstreet called on voters to vote in large numbers for the party’s fourth presidential candidate and for parliamentary candidates from all over the country.

Your vote for the PCP is not a waste of time, but a vote for liberation, a vote for the liberation of antagonistic political regimes, a vote for the future of our children and a vote to end corruption. On the contrary, voting for a nuclear power plant or NDC is a waste of votes and an endorsement of nepotism, corruption and the plundering of national resources.

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