Cristy Lane is a singer, songwriter and musician from Los Angeles, California. She has been writing songs since she was 13 years old and released her first album in 2006.

Cristy Lane is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She has been active since the late 1980s and has released a number of albums. Her songs have been covered by artists such as Michael Jackson.

Cristy Lane is best known for her 1979 gospel hit “One Day at a Time,” which combined Protestant zeal with self-help jargon in a seamless, emotional whole. She is also known for being one of the founders of the live-entertainment sensation in Branson, Missouri. Lane was born Eleanor Johnston in Peoria, Illinois, to a family of twelve. By 1964, she had three children after marrying while she was just 20 years old. Her salesman husband, Lee Stoller, urged her to pursue a career in singing, but she was extremely timid. She earned numerous nightclub performances and subsequently a guest spot on Chicago’s WLS Barn Dance radio show in 1968 after several hesitant efforts. Chris Lane, a Peoria DJ, was the inspiration for her stage name.

Lane battled with the demands of the singing career her husband was pushing on her after many early efforts to break into country music in Nashville failed. Lane attempted suicide twice in the late 1960s, the first after a grueling 1969 tour of Vietnam, arranged by Stoller, during which she played 120 concerts and was trapped in the middle of a conflict following a chopper accident. Lane and Stoller returned to Peoria, where they established a couple of nightclubs with Lane as the main attraction.

In 1972, the Stoller family relocated to a Nashville suburb and resumed their efforts to launch Lane’s career. Established label executives’ reactions varied from apathy to sexual come-ons for Lane, and in the mid-’70s, Stoller launched his own label, LS. He worked tirelessly to promote Lane’s career, and his efforts were rewarded in 1977, when the label’s first song, “Tryin’ to Forget About You,” and its follow-up, “Sweet Deceiver,” both reached the top of the charts. With “Let Me Down Easy” and “Shake Me, I Rattle,” she also reached the Top Ten and Top 20 in the same year. Lane had three additional successes the following year, and the Academy of Country Music awarded him New Vocalist of the Year in 1979. Lane sang “I Just Can’t Stay Married to You” during the awards show, which went on to become a Top Five hit. Lane was signed to United Artists Records in late 1979 and had three additional successes. The label, however, refused to release “One Day at a Time,” the tune Lane and Stoller had prepared for their next single.

That song was from Kris Kristofferson’s back catalog, and it was co-written with Nashville veteran Marijohn Wilkin. It was similar to previous religious songs (such as “Why Me, Lord?”) that the hard-living Kristofferson had penned in more solemn times. The song had topped the British charts in a rendition by singer Lena Martell only a few weeks before Lane’s version was released. It was an unconventional song for country radio in 1980, but Lane and Stoller accurately predicted its tremendous effect. Lane’s last Top Ten hit, “Sweet Sexy Eyes,” was released after it reached number one on the country charts. Stoller was imprisoned on racketeering charges in 1982, but the pair came back when Stoller saw yodeler-crooner Slim Whitman’s remarkable success after starting direct television promotion of his music.

One Day at a Time Lane and Stoller had put together a solid set of connected materials by 1986, including a One Day at a Time album and a Lane autobiography of the same name. These products, which were advertised on television and subsequently on the Internet, sold well for years and maintained Lane’s name in front of an audience that was just waiting to be reached: late-middle-aged country fans. Lane and Stoller joined the bandwagon as Branson became a popular entertainment destination in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Their Cristy Lane Theatre became a popular Branson attraction, featuring not only Lane’s own shows but also early visits by upcoming Branson stars like Yakov Smirnoff (in 1992). Lane retired from acting in the mid-’90s after selling her Branson theater. She’s released numerous gospel and emotional standards CDs for sale on her website and online. In the early 2000s, plans were made to make a film on Lane’s life.

Cristy Lane is an American country music singer-songwriter. She has released three studio albums, two extended plays, and 14 singles. Reference: cristy lane tour.

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