Cuco Valoy is a Filipino-American singer, songwriter and producer. He has released three albums to date, with his most recent album titled “The Other Side” released in 2017.

Cuco Valoy is a singer, songwriter, and musician from the Philippines. He has released three albums so far.

a. Dominican Republic; b. Dominican Republic; c. Dominican Republic; Cuco Valoy, a singer, band leader, songwriter, arranger, and producer, and his guitarist brother Martn formed the Los Ahijados duet in the mid-1950s. They recorded a series of CDs in which they sang traditional Cuban melodies. Valoy formed a 12-piece band in the 1970s that he dubbed Los Virtuosos and La Tribu. When a few more members were recruited in the mid-80s, he changed the name to Nueva Tribu. Martn (bass guitar), Cuco’s sons Ramón Orlando Valoy (piano, arranger, composer) and Marcos Antonio Valoy (trombone), and the great singer Henry Garca were among the musicians (who performed with the band between the mid-70s and mid-80s). Ramón left the band in the mid-eighties to form his own band. Cuco’s band consists of lead and chorus vocals, a rhythm section, and a frontline of two or three trumpets, one or two saxophones, and often one trombone.

Valoy’s albums included a combination of salsa and merengue (the Dominican Republic’s main dance style) content until the mid-80s. He subsequently deviated from this strategy by releasing a series of albums that were dedicated solely or mostly to merengue. Between 1975 and 1983, Cuco produced a series of albums on the Discolor and Kubaney labels, which included many of his best songs. A collection of these tracks was subsequently released on CD collections. Valoy recorded for minor labels, notably his own CVR label, between 1983 and 1987, before returning to Kubaney in 1988. Cuco Valoy Y Su Tribu, Mejor Que Nunca, and Con Sabor Del Tropico are among his mid-80s albums that include several jewels. Salsa Con Coco, Tremenda Salsa, Arrollando, and Tiza! are perhaps his greatest albums to date (1991) in terms of consistency. A Popular Petition, from 1989… With all of the arrangements created by the talented Isidro Infante, Salsa signaled a major comeback to salsa. Cuco and Ramón reunited in 1991 with the release of La Gran Obra Musical De Cuco Valoy on J & N/Fuga Records.

Cuco Valoy is an American singer, songwriter, and producer. He has released three studio albums to date with his latest album Cuco coming out in 2016. Reference: donde vive cuco valoy.

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