The actor Daniel Ezra is one of the most popular social media superstars among celebrities. He is more popular than Kylie Jenner, whose lingerie line has sold more than $200 million worth of products. He has amassed more than 27 million followers on Instagram and 7 million followers on Facebook while posting more than 100 times a day. He is so popular that he has a billboard in Times Square.

Tall, dark and handsome, Daniel Ezra has been making a name for himself in the entertainment industry since 2011. Born in the United Kingdom, the young singer and actor was discovered by music mogul Jean Claude Monnet at the tender age of 11 and was cast in the Disney Channel’s teen drama Make It Pop. Since then, the talented heartthrob has appeared in a number of films, TV shows and commercials, most notably as the voice of young Clark Kent in the hit DC Comics animated series Young Justice.

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Daniel Ezra’s net worth is unknown.

The cinematic world is enormous, and it is recognized only for its brilliant and dexterous actors and actresses. Today we’ll speak about Daniel Ezra, a young British actor.

Daniel Ezra is a skilled and well-known actor in the world of film, or as we like to call it, entertainment. We know him from the American drama series It’s all about America., where he played Spencer James. He’s also renowned for his outstanding performance as Sebastian in the Shakespearean play Twelfth Night. He was nominated for the Ian Charleson Award for this performance. In 2014, he made his acting debut in the television film Murdered by Boyfriend.

Daniel Ezra is now attempting to acquire the American accent, and he is content simply because he is now well-known among his admirers. He enjoys playing football and is familiar with a number of football players. He’s a rising star, so we need to learn all we can about him.

Real Name

Daniel Ezra’s actual name is the same, and he is well-known in the film industry under that moniker.


Daniel Ezra does not have a nickname. His actual name is well-known all across the globe.


Daniel Ezra is a professional actor. He is recognized for his excellent acting and has been in a number of well-known films.


Every year on December 15th, Daniel Ezra blows the candle. On December 15th, 1993, he was born.


Daniel Ezra was born in the West Midlands city of Birmingham (England).

Weight and Height

Daniel Ezra stands at a respectable height of 174 cm, or 5 feet and 8 inches. His weight of 78 kg indicates that he is in good health.

Sign of the Zodiac

Daniel Ezra’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius.


Daniel Ezra was born in the United Kingdom. He is an actor from the United Kingdom.


Daniel Ezra’s ethnicity is mixed, since his ancestors come from an unknown African village.

Love Life

When it comes to Daniel Ezra’s personal life, he has yet to disclose the name of his girlfriend. Because he is a rising celebrity, he is putting greater emphasis on his profession. He often refuses to answer questions about his love life, although there is little dispute about his love life. Ezra is dating someone who is still unknown to the rest of the world. There’s a good possibility he’ll say the name of his girlfriend or the love of his life shortly.


There isn’t a lot of information about this young star’s parents. His background is unknown, and all we know about him is that he is from Britain.


Daniel Ezra’s father’s name remains unknown to the public. Daniel Ezra’s sole knowledge about his father is that he is a football coach in the United States.


When it comes to Daniel Ezra’s earnings, he makes money through movies, television programs, and other brand endorsements. He has a net worth of about $1.5 million.

Net Worth

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It’s all about America.

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All American

Daniel Ezra has a net worth of $1.5 million.


Daniel Ezra is a devout Christian and a firm believer in Christianity.


There isn’t much information regarding this young aspiring film star’s schooling. He completed his studies at a nearby high school and got his diploma.

upcoming events

When it comes to Daniel Ezra’s future plans, not much is known at this time, although he is currently working on a number of well-known television programs and films.

Is he a convicted criminal?

No, this young celebrity has never been convicted of a crime. In this area, he is totally unblemished.

Any Rumors?

Daniel Ezra is the subject of several intriguing rumors. In March of this year, he was cast in a sports drama film. He was cast in the lead role in the film. All American was the title of the American drama. This was his first trip to the United States, but the greatest issue was his accent. He was a permanent resident of the United Kingdom when he signed a deal to star in an American film.

Following that, he worked hard to acquire the American accent and moved to Los Angeles. He was constantly carrying a football and attempting to pick up an American accent as quickly as possible.

Daniel Ezra’s films and television programs are being looked for. Spencer James was his most recent performance, and the character was well received by the public. He’s also being sought for his role as Sebastian in the Twelfth Night play.

In addition to these roles, he has been in a number of well-known television programs and films. He has been renowned among movie buffs for his acting from the beginning of his career.

Owned Businesses

As an actor, Daniel Ezra does not own a business. He appears in films as a character.

Political Opinions

Daniel Ezra has no political beliefs and is uninterested in politics. He is a young, budding artist who is entirely focused on his acting profession.

Friendships with Celebrities

Daniel Ezra is never seen with any of his famous or well-known pals. He has pals who aren’t as well-known as he is.


Here are a few lesser-known facts about this young actor’s life. Although little is known about him, he is well-known for several of his activities, most notably for his roles in films and television programs.

  • Daniel Ezra is a young British actor. He is a 26-year-old actor who is best known for portraying Spencer James.
  • The most incredible thing about Daniel Ezra is that no one knows who his parents are. There is just one piece of information about his father: he is a football coach in the United States.
  • Ezra never wanted to be an actor as a kid, preferring instead to play basketball and soccer.
  • Daniel chose to pursue a career in the entertainment industry when he was 18 years old, and he was ultimately successful.
  • His first theatrical appearance was at National Theatre Live in 2017, when he portrayed Sebastian in Twelfth Night. Simon Godwin was the play’s director.
  • He portrayed Nathaniel Wilson in one of the Romance television series “A Discovery of Witches.”
  • Many celebrities exist in our world who have not yet disclosed their love lives, and Daniel Ezra is one of them. He has not disclosed his girlfriend’s name, although it is believed that he is seeing someone secretly.
  • He tried his hardest to remodel himself with an American accent while playing a part in an American sports drama. He used to carry a football about with him and practice his Los Angeles accent whenever he visited the city.
  • Murdered by the Boyfriend, The Village, Blood Cells, Vera, No Offense, Prey, Undercover, The Missing, Prime Suspect 1973, and A Discovery of Witches are some of the best-known television serials in which he has delivered his finest performance. He also starred in the film All American, in which he portrayed Spencer James, a well-known character.

Highlights of My Career

When it comes to Daniel Ezra’s professional highlights, he is most recognized for his acting, having been in a number of well-known television programs and films. He began his career in 2014 and has steadily risen through the ranks of success and celebrity.

He appeared in the popular Hollywood film All American, in which he portrayed the character of Spencer James. There are a few more parts that he has taken on and acted in great zeal. He was praised by numerous reviewers for his performance as Sebastian in Twelfth Night. He’s making fast progress in the profession, and many people think he’ll be the next big thing.


Here are a few of Daniel Ezra’s interests. He is a young actor with a few interests that he enjoys doing in his spare time.

  • Idris Elba is his favorite actor, while Jennifer Lawrence is his favorite actress. After listening to Eminem’s rap, he becomes passionate.
  • Louis Vuitton and Fendi are two of his favorite brands.
  • BoJack Horseman is his favorite television program.
  • Fries and pizza are two foods he enjoys.
  • He loves the color blue and enjoys spending time on social media platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok.
  • He enjoys basketball and soccer, which he briefly gave up to pursue acting.


Sanctimonia – Sanctimonia – Sanctimonia – Sanctim

Precipice Hours, Murdered by My Boyfriend, The Village, and Blood Cells were all released in 2014.

Vera, No Offense, Prey – Vera, No Offense, Prey – Vera, No Offense, Prey –

2016 – The Missing, Undercover.

2017 – Enterprice, National Theatre Live, Prime Suspect 1973.

Entertainment Tonight, Last Call with Carson Daly, A Discovery of Witches, and All American were among the shows that aired in 2018.

2019 is an all-American year.

All-American in 2020.

Page on Social Media

Daniel Ezra’s Instagram account is presently active. He is renowned for often posting pictures on his Instagram account for his admirers and followers. This is the only social media account where this young celebrity can be found. You may find him on Instagram by searching for his name.

Twitter account dedicated to all things American.

CWAllAmerican’s tweets


As an example:

As if Loading…

Daniel Ezra is the brother of actor Ezra Miller. The two have a very close relationship and have frequently worked together on movie projects. Daniel’s biggest role to date has been as the narrator of the film “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”. Ezra Miller was 11 years old when he first visited a comic book store. “It was a thing that I didn’t know existed. I had never seen anything like it,” he recalled in a 2012 interview with MTV. The first comic book that he bought was “Watchmen”. “I was immediately hooked,” he said.. Read more about how much does all american cast make per episode and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Daniel Ezra salary?

Daniel Ezra is an American singer, songwriter, and musician. He has released two studio albums, The Golden Hour in 2016 and Somewhere Else in 2018.

How much is Spencer from All American worth?

Spencer from All American is worth $1,000.

What does Daniel Ezra do for a living?

Daniel Ezra is a professor of philosophy at the University of Toronto.

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