De la Ghetto is a Jamaican-American rapper from Queens, New York. He has released three studio albums and over twenty singles as a solo artist.

De la Ghetto is a rap artist who started his career in 2007. He has released 3 albums, The Last Don (2008), Back to the Basics (2009), and Concrete Jungle (2013).

Mi Movimiento De la Ghetto is a chart-topping urbano musician who was born in the United States and reared in Puerto Rico. With his former duet partner Arcángel and their reggaeton song “Pégate,” he made a name for himself in the music business. He started a solo career in 2007, although the two are still friends and cooperate on occasion. De la Ghetto is a Latin rapper and singer with hundreds of singles and mixtape songs under his belt; his multilingual rhyming technique is delivered in a percussive, rapid-fire cadence. Though he often releases singles, he also appears on the recordings of other artists, such as Yaga & Mackie’s (with Arcángel) blockbuster hit “Aparentemente” from 2007 and Nicky Jam’s “Si T No Estás.” He appeared on 24 songs and albums in the first eight months of 2018, as well as releasing more than a dozen singles under his own name, including the smash “Caliente (with J Balvin)” and the full-length Mi Movimiento. Hundreds of millions of people have seen his videos.

Sangre Nueva [Machete Music] Rafael Castillo was born in New York City on September 17, 1982, and subsequently relocated to San Juan, Puerto Rico, with his family, where he got engaged in the city’s growing reggaeton scene. Arcángel y De la Ghetto, a duet with fellow New York City-born Puerto Rican musician Arcángel, was formed in 2004. (born Austin Santos). The song “Pégate,” which was included on the famous Hector El Father-hosted mixtape album Sangre Nueva, was the duo’s first break (2005). Arcángel y De la Ghetto were featured on a number of reggaeton albums in 2005 and 2006, including Luny Tunes’ Mas Flow: Los Benjamins (2006), and were affiliated with Baby Records, Zion’s label (of the duo Zion & Lennox).

Arcángel stated in December 2006 that he was going solo and launching his own record company. Following Arcángel’s declaration, De la Ghetto launched a solo career and was featured on one of his greatest successes to date, the Tito El Bambino and Randy remix of “Siente el Boom,” which was released on the album Top of the Line: El Internacional (2007). In 2007, he also had his second big success with “Sensación del Bloque,” a song he wrote with Randy.

Masacre Musical Following these mainstream successes, De la Ghetto released his first major-label full-length album, Masacre Musical (2008), which reached number 46 on the Top Latin Albums list and number 42 on the Hot Latin Songs chart. While the musician did not release another full-length album for another five years, he remained very busy. He released five songs from Musical Massacre in 2009, including “Tu Te Imaginas,” which charted in the Top 40 Hot Latin Songs. De la Ghetto and his label and management maintained his reputation by contributing songs to hundreds of compilations as well as releasing his own singles.

In 2013, he released the full-length Geezy Boys: The Album, which spawned five smash singles, including “Saciar la Sed,” “Ah Ah Ah,” and “Sincero Amor” (with Arcángel on the remix). De la Ghetto and his crew started releasing YouTube videos, which helped keep his songs and collaborations trending on social media and in the streaming rankings. Between 2016 and 2018, the singer charted nine songs on the Hot Latin Songs chart and six more on other select lists such as Latin Airplay and Tropical Songs, all while increasing his guest appearances dramatically. De la Ghetto was, in fact, one of the most sought-after studio talents in reggaeton by 2016.

Los Chulitos Mi Movimiento, his third album, was released in September 2018 by Warner Music. There were 17 songs on the album, several of which were chosen by followers on his social media accounts. Wisin, Ozuna, Daddy Yankee, Maluma, Fetty Wap, and other chart-topping musicians were among the artists that collaborated on the album. He collaborated with Arcángel on Anitta’s song “Tócame” in July 2020. Three months later, he released Los Chulitos, his fourth studio album, which included Nicky Jam, Manuel Turizo, Justin Quiles, Jowell & Randy, and Farruko as guests.

The de la ghetto concert is a famous rapper from the United States. He is known for his hit songs, including Stuck on You.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is De La Ghetto black?

Yes, De La Ghetto is black.

What is De La Ghetto real name?

De La Ghetto is a Puerto Rican rapper. His real name is Omar Cruz.

How did De La Ghetto get his name?

De La Ghetto is a Spanish word that means from the ghetto.

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