Doug Coe Net Assets at Death


He was the head of the large and politically influential religious organization, the Fellowship. It was a secret organization with religious interests that maintained close relations with American politicians.

Real name and status

Doug’s real name is Douglas Coe. At the moment, in November 2019, he is no longer alive. It’s the 21st. February 2017 deceased.

Date of birth, date of death, place of birth, age

Doug Coe was born on the 20th. October 1928, born in Medford, Oregon, USA. He was 89 years old at the time of his death.

Value sources

  • Doug Coe was indifferent to his profession, but his main concern in his life and his profession was always religious groups.
  • Some of these religious groups were secret and did not certify their appearance.
  • Doug Coe’s original work did not bring in much money, but it was a valuable resource.
  • The position of deputy director at MCL and work in other religious organizations have been his main sources.

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  • Doug Coe graduated from Willamette University.
  • During his studies he met the American teacher and politician Mark O. Hatfield.
  • During his studies he went to work for various religious organizations.

Parents and family

  • Doug Coe’s father was Milton Evans from Medford, Oregon.
  • Her mother’s name was Loda Helen Coe. He took his middle name Coe from his mother because his mother was of unique importance in his life.

Employment and career

  • During his studies, Doug Coe was involved in religious organizations and movements such as Young Life.
  • Young Life is a religious organization founded in 1941 by Reverend Jim Rayburn. The origins of this organization lie in Dallas, Texas, America. He has been a part of this organization and has worked on various things all over the world.
  • Abraham Wereide, the founder of Christian Leadership International, founded this religious organisation in 1958. Doug Coe also worked as a clerk for this organization.
  • Doug Coe first worked for International Christian Leadership as an employee of the Church, but in 1963 he was appointed Associate Director of that organization. He worked with Abraham Vereid and other notables such as Clifton Robinson and Richard C. Halverson,
  • Doug Coe has also served as a member of the National Student Leadership Planning Committee to strengthen moral and religious values.

Personal life, marriage, children and hidden facts

  • Doug Coe’s wife is called Jane Coe and they lived a happy life of 68 years.
  • They had five children. The names of their children are Timothy, David, Debbie, Paula and Becky. They’re all married and have several children.
  • Do you know him? The couple’s sixth son, John, died when Doug Coe married his first wife, Lisa Coe.
  • Lisa Coe, Doug’s first wife, died in 1985.


At the time of his death, he was living in Washington, D.C., in the United States.



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