Dwayne Lee Chapman II is the son of the American bounty hunter and former guarantor Dwayne Chapman.   Born on the 21st. January 1973, one of his 12 children. Her mother’s name is LaFonda Haneikatt.

Dwayne Lee Chapman Junior Brothers and Sisters

Besides Duane he has an older brother, Christopher Chapman (born 1969). Christopher was born out of a teenage relationship between his father and a suicidal Debbie White.  Christopher was reunited with his father when he grew up.

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Chapman married La Fonda Sue Honeycutt in 1972 in the pampas, Texas, where their son Duane Lee Chapman II was born.  He and his younger brother Leland Chapman only saw their father when they were 11 and 8 years old respectively. The father took them into custody when the kids proved they were teenage losers.

Leland Blaine Chapman, born at the age of 14. December 1976 in Groom, Texas. He’s married to Maui, who has two children: Dakota Chapman (born 24 March 1995) and Kobe Chapman (born 7 December 2000).

Duane Lee Chapman Jr.’s father married Ann M. Tegnell in Colorado in 1979.  The marriage lasted until 1982. In fact, Duane Lee Chapman Jr. has three siblings – Zebediah Duane Chapman, Wesley Chapman and James Chapman. Zebediah died in 1980, while two other children were raised by their mother in Utah.

Duane Lee Chapman had siblings Barbara Cathy, Tucker Dee and Lissa Chapman when his father Lissa Ray Britten was born on July 22nd. Married June 1982. The wedding took place in 1991. The father was given custody of the children, although Barbara was killed in a car accident in Fairbanks, Alaska, in 2006. Tucker was sentenced to prison in 2007 for armed robbery, but was released on parole.

Dwayne Lee Chapman married Tawney Marie in 1992, although he was clearly not interested in this marriage. According to him, he forced her to get married.  The marriage lasted until 1994. Tawney didn’t have any children of her own.

Duane Lee Chapman married Beth Barmor in 2006 after having been with her for 16 years.  She has two children from a previous relationship and marriage, Dominic and Cecily Barmor. Cecily was adopted by Chapman.  Duane Lee Chapman II has three siblings, including two biological children – Bonnie Joan and Harry Chapman.

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Duane Lee Chapman II – Photos

Duane Lee Chapman II – Wife and son

He married Teresa R. Roibal the 1st. December 1999.  The marriage lasted until 2008. None of them had children together, the children come from a previous relationship. Theresa had three children from previous marriages, Jody, and twins Jennifer and Jasmine.

Woman Teresa

Duane Lee Chapman II has a son named Dylan (about 20 years old, from 2019) from Rachel’s ex-wife. Chapman II had a serious relationship with Michelle Riddle and Anna Cordova, a television producer.

Son of Dylan

Duane Lee Chapman II – Net costs

The net value is $350,000.

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