Eric Carmen is a singer, songwriter and musician best known for his 1978 hit “All By Myself.” He has written songs that have been recorded by many other artists including The Four Seasons, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.

Eric Carmen is one of the most successful American artists of all time. He has sold over 100 million records worldwide and won six Grammy Awards.

Whether as a member of the famous power pop band the Raspberries, as a solo artist, or as a composer for others, Eric Carmen has accumulated an amazing number of success songs over the course of his lengthy career. Carmen was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on August 11, 1949, and started her musical instruction at a young age. By the age of six, he was receiving violin lessons, and by the age of eleven, he was playing the piano and writing his own unique works. Carmen’s interest in rock & roll changed when he discovered the Beatles in the early 1960s, and he started playing piano and singing in high school bands. Carmen joined a local band named Cyrus Erie while a student at John Carroll University. Apart from releasing a few minor singles for Epic Records, the group failed to make much of an impression outside of the local area.

Fresh When another well-known local rock band, the Choir, disbanded, Carmen and another Cyrus Erie member, guitarist Wally Bryson, teamed up with former Choir members Dave Smalley (bass) and Jim Bonfanti (drums) to create the Raspberries. The band rapidly gained a following by combining rockers (that blended the Beatles’ melody with the Who’s guitar riffs) with beautiful ballads, resulting in a recording deal with Capitol. With the catchy “Go All the Way” (taken from their self-titled 1972 debut), the foursome scored a huge hit song right away, reaching number five on the singles charts. Despite releasing three more excellent albums (1972’s Fresh, 1973’s Side Three, and 1974’s Starting Over), the group became recognized first and foremost as a “singles” act, with smash singles like “I Wanna Be with You,” “Let’s Pretend,” and “Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)” outperforming their albums. The Raspberries broke up in 1975 due to Carmen’s growing dissatisfaction with the group (it wasn’t long before other bands, like Cheap Trick and the Knack, among many others, started interpreting the Raspberries’ sound/approach into their own successes).

Boats Against the Current Carmen signed a solo contract with Arista shortly after. He chose a more mature, singer/songwriter/ballad approach over the Raspberries’ power pop path, as demonstrated by his self-titled 1975 debut. Carmen’s change in musical genres paid off quickly, with two major singles — “All by Myself” and “Never Gonna Fall in Love Again” — and the album almost cracking the Top 20. Despite a successful start to his solo career, following albums such as 1977’s Boats Against the Current, 1978’s Change of Heart, and 1980’s Tonight You’re Mine all sold less than the previous. Carmen vanished for many years, although she wrote the Top Ten smash power ballad “Almost Paradise” (from the wildly successful 1984 film Footloose [Original Soundtrack]), which was performed by Ann Wilson of Heart and Mike Reno of Loverboy.

Dirty Dancing [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] With the song demonstrating that there was still a big demand for Carmen’s ballads, the singer returned a year later with his first solo album in five years, his second self-titled record. Despite having a modest success with the song “I Wanna Hear It from Your Lips,” the album failed to chart. Carmen’s second major success, the Top Ten “Hungry Eyes,” came from another movie soundtrack, Dirty Dancing, released in 1987. Carmen had another success with “Make Me Lose Control” a year later, and she also traveled with the Dirty Dancing concert tour. Carmen vanished when the tour ended, but his songs were recorded by a broad range of well-known musicians during the 1990s, including Babes in Toyland, Peter Cetera, Sheryl Crow, Celine Dion, and Diana Ross, among others. Carmen released his first solo full-length in 13 years in 1998, the Japanese CD Winter Dreams (renamed I Was Born to Love You a year later in the United States), just as rumors of a Raspberries reunion tour started to circulate. While all four original Raspberries members met in early 1999 and three of them played at a party a few months later in Cleveland, a reunion didn’t happen until 2005, when the original foursome reunited for a performance at L.A.’s House of Blues. Live on Sunset Strip was the title of the program when it was released in 2007.

Eric Carmen is an American singer-songwriter, best known for his million-selling 1976 hit song Hungry Eyes. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015. His career began when he joined the rock band Manfred Mann in 1964. Reference: eric carmen 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

What bands was Eric Carmen in?

Eric Carmen is a singer and songwriter.

Did Eric Carmen sing for the Raspberries?

Yes, Eric Carmen was the lead singer for the Raspberries.

Is Eric Carmen married?

Eric Carmen is not married.

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