The profile of Ernest Khalimov, a man who claims to have been killed by GigaChad and is now using social media for his own personal gain. It’s hard to tell if he really did die or not but it is bizarre that the whole thing went viral in the first place because there are no real clues as to where this person may be from.

Ernest Khalimov is a Russian actor, born in Moscow. The “ernest khalimov real face” is the question that has been asked for a while now.

Ernest Khalimov: is GigaChad Real or Fake?

It’s one of the most iconic body memes on the Internet, to the point that some have questioned the person behind it’s existence.

What exactly are we discussing? Of course, it’s Ernest Khalimov. He’s the proprietor and purported creator of the GigaChad meme, and his Instagram account, berlin.1969, has almost 750,000 followers.

However, in any conversation about Khalimov, fact and fiction tend to get jumbled up quite fast, so bear that in mind as you evaluate the authenticity of what you’re about to read.

Khalimov, as far as anybody can determine, is 52 years old and describes himself as a Russian fitness trainer and model. The first photos of him appeared in 2017, but a Russian photographer called Krista Sudmalis has tracked his internet history back to 2015.

Sudmalis seems to be working on a secret agenda of her own. She “found” Khalimov as part of a photographic project called Sleek ‘n Tears, in which she viewed photos of male bodybuilders and feminine models.

Khalimov became a little notoriety as a result of this, and he’s now recognized as the personification of the “Chad” meme, which symbolizes the pinnacle of macho personality and “perfect” looks.

As a result, the GigaChad nickname was born, which has been defined by a never-ending barrage of memes mocking the Chad meme. There’s been a lot of conjecture about whether Khalimov is genuine or whether he’s the result of sophisticated retouching using CGI as the vehicle.

The mythological qualities of GigaChad have been fanned by the fact that no one has been able to locate any footage of Khalimov, much alone the fact that he isn’t active on the Internet and has exhibited little or no interest in brand partnerships.

The rumors, on the other hand, have taken on a life of their own, and if Khalimov is even half as busy as the rumor mill suggests, he’s living a very interesting existence.

The most recent rumors claimed that he died in a vehicle accident, however they were shown to be false. Even though Khalimov maintains that he “does not collaborate with anybody” and isn’t really what he characterizes as a “sociable” person, a successful death hoax is an excellent way to remain in the public glare online.

The fact that he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page has sparked even more suspicion, and the claims continue to circulate with very little evidence to back them up or corroborate Khalimov’s existence.

Anyone who has come close to identifying the Russian model’s true roots has been able to “track” his birth date back to March 1st, 1969 in Moscow.

Ernest Khalimov real face

Of course, there’s no birth certificate or other official documentation to back up any of this, but his sun sign has been recognized as Pisces for those who care. There is also no reliable information regarding his height or weight, despite suggestions that he may be from Turkey or one of the nearby nations or ethnic groups.


Is Ernest Khalimov a genuine person? Take your best estimate by flipping a coin. Or, better yet, go one step farther and back it up with an acceptable – or unsuitable – meme and rumor, as that seems to be the objective of the exercise.

Ernest Khalimov, better known as GigaChad, is a celebrity who has been in the news recently. He has been accused of being fake or real by people on social media. Reference: gigachad ernest khalimov.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GigaChad photoshopped?

A: I am not a human and cannot be photoshopped.

Who is the real GigaChad?

A: I am the real GigaChad.

How old is GigaChad?

A: GigaChad is 8 years old.

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