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Fleur de Force is a well-known British YouTuber who regularly broadcasts various makeup and fashion videos on her channel.

It currently has over 1.37 million subscribers to its channel. She is also an Instagram star with over 766k followers on Instagram and almost 292.2k followers on Twitter.

Why is the Fleur de Force famous?

  • As a British beauty and fashion blogger, YouTuber, entrepreneur and author.
  • It has more than 1.3 million subscribers.

How old is Fleur de Sila? Biography, parents, siblings, ethnicity

Fleur de Force was Fleur Westaway , born on the 19th. July 1988 in London, England. She’s 32 years old now. His trademark is cancer.

Signature : Sila flower with her mother (Source: Instagram)

Unfortunately there is no information available about the Fleur family. Syla has two siblings, Alex and Hannah. The Fleur family owns a car dealership. She is a British national and her ethnicity is unknown.

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History of education

Speaking of the history of Fleur’s upbringing: During her school years, she was intimidated and shamed. This had a negative impact on his grades. She then chose physics, geography and biology as A-level subjects. After high school, she took a year off to work and earn money.

Then she laid two stars at his feet. Shortly after her return, Fleur enrolled at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she studied human geography.

Did you know that?

  1. What is the real name of Power Flower? Fleur de Force’s real name is Westthwaite Flower.
  2. How old is Fleur-de-Force? – She was born on the 19th. Born in July 1988. She’s 32 years old now.
  3. What is the sign of the Power Flower? His trademark is cancer.
  4. How many brothers and sisters does Fleur de Force have? Fleur has two siblings, Alex, Hannah and…
  5. Fleur de Force’s net worth in 2021 is about $1.5 million.

All about Fleur de Sila’s career

Fleur began her career on YouTuber at 29. September 2009, when she first created the site. She also immediately appreciated the community on YouTube. Shortly thereafter, she began exploring the beauty and fashion community on YouTube. Fleur did it on the 29th. In September 2009 she also founded her chain and called it Fleur DeForce.

Similarly, she originally wanted to call the chain Fleur De Jour, but that name was already taken. She also wanted to add a French perfume to the name, so she added De to the name. While the channel is completely dedicated to fashion, beauty and makeup.

The channel also offers question-and-answer sessions where Fleur answers viewers’ questions about beauty and makeup. She met many established YouTubers there. This has given him a lot of influence in the community. In 2011 Fleur also founded her second YouTube channel, FleurDeVlog. Moreover, as the name suggests, the channel is primarily a blogging space. Blogs about Fleur’s life then appear on the channel, along with question-and-answer videos and slogans.

The following year, Fleur founded the YouTube channel Bride De Force with her sister, who is a wedding planner. In conclusion, the channel is a unique platform for all your wedding needs and offers solutions to make your wedding day enjoyable and memorable. It also offers videos on everything wedding related like outfits, makeup, jewelry, food and wedding life. However, the channel was relaunched in 2017.

Signature: Sila Flower (Source: Pinterest)

Fleur is not only a successful beauty blogger, but also a well-known entrepreneur and author. She then appeared on various talk shows and participated in numerous fashion and beauty projects. In December 2013, Fleur was also featured as a special guest in the fashion reality TV series Life Project Runway All Stars.

In September 2015, Mr. Fleur also launched his first makeup collection on the online cosmetics store The collection includes six lip glosses, two eyeshadow quads and a makeup kit with watercolor print. Similarly, Fleur published her first glamour guide earlier this year.

The 28th. In July 2016, Fleur also published her second book, Living in Luxury : Everyday luxury for lovers of beauty, fashion and gastronomy. Like his first book, this was a life guide. The book also included over 30 quick recipes and a number of DIY ideas. Fleur and her husband can be seen on the YouTube channel Homemade, where she presents her cooking skills.

In 2017, Fleur also appeared on the Hey It’s OK podcast alongside Glamour fashion magazine editor-in-chief Joe Alvin and entertainment assistant Sagal Mohammed. In May 2017, Fleur also collaborated with cosmetics company MAC to launch a limited edition of nude lipstick.

Fleur has also worked with a number of other major brands including Starbucks, Coca Cola, P&G and Sainsbury’s. The company has also partnered with British baby products brand My First Years. She has partnered with the brand to create an exclusive set of 30 different baby products.

Shareholders’ equity and remuneration

Fleur’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. As a YouTuber, she has an average salary of $0.5 to $4,000.

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Distinctions and Appointments

In 2012 Fleur won the award for the best Marie Claire beauty blog. She also won Cosmopolitan’s best blogger award in 2013 and 2014. She also won InStyle’s Project 13 award in 2015 for best YouTuber of the year and best video for me.

She also won the ShopStyle award for best international flutist in 2016. The same year she won InStyle’s Project 13 award for ultimate blogging sensation and Cosmopolitan’s Best Use of Social Media award.

Rumours, controversy

There are no rumors about his personal and professional life. However, she has been criticized by many of her fans for buying a lot of leather goods that show cruelty to animals. Moreover, she has never faced controversy in her career.

Fleur-de-Force is married? Married, baby

Fleur de Force has been available since the 24th. August 2013, married her longtime boyfriend, Mike the Force. Then his engagement ring was 6mm in 14k solid gold. Since their marriage, the couple has had a strong relationship.

Signature: Fleur de Sila with her husband and child (Source: Instagram)

After a few years of marriage, the couple welcomed the 28th. December 2017: his first child, a girl named River. They have also been spotted several times with their daughter.

Speaking of her past relationships, she has never been seen with a man and has never been involved in an affair. Currently. Fleur had not one but two miscarriages.


Length, weight, colour of eyes

Flower is 1 meter 80 tall and weighs 1,80 kilo. The size is 32-22-33 inches. She has blonde hair and hazel eyes.

Social Media Profile

It has gained over 766,000 followers on Instagram. Fleur already has over 136,000 followers on her Facebook page. It is also active on Twitter with over 292.2K followers. Her main YouTube channel, Fleur DeForce, has over 1.37 million subscribers. Fleur’s second channel, FleurDeVlog, also has over 528,000 subscribers.

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