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Gene Simmons rose to prominence as a blood-spurting, fire-breathing, bass-playing devil with Kiss, but his early years were about as far away from the infamous heavy metal band as you can get. Chaim Witz was born on August 25, 1949, and by the late 1950s, he and his mother had left Israel and relocated to the United States (New York City, to be exact). Witz’s name was changed to Gene Klein when he became interested in comic books and rock & roll (he was even being groomed to be a rabbi at one point). He played bass in a number of New York-area bands as a youngster (the Long Island Sounds, for example), and in his early twenties, he even tried his hand at teaching elementary school. His teaching career was cut short when he met another young rock & roll dreamer named Stanley Eisen about the same time.

The two created their first band, Wicked Lester, which extensively stole from their idols, the Beatles, as well as just about every other popular musical style at the time. The band produced an album that was never released, but it was while they were in the band that the two came up with the concept of putting on a genuine performance for the audience, complete with makeup, costumes, and a big stage presentation. They ultimately teamed up with Peter Criscoula and Paul Frehley, two more New Yorkers. All of the members altered their names to reflect their personalities (Eisen became Paul Stanley, Criscoula became Peter Criss, Frehley became Ace Frehley, and Klein became Gene Simmons). Kiss went on to become one of the most influential hard rock bands of the 1970s and beyond.

While Kiss’ star was rising, Simmons dabbled in another aspect of the music industry: researching up-and-comers. In the mid-’70s, he attempted to persuade Kiss’ management to sign a young California band called Mammoth, who later changed their name to Van Halen. Simmons’ pleadings were unheeded, but the incident paved the way for him to start his own record label, Simmons Records, in the 1980s, as well as manage Liza Minnelli for a short time. In addition to his work with Kiss, Simmons has dabbled in acting on the big screen, appearing in films such as Runaway, Trick Or Treat, Wanted: Dead Or Alive, and Never Too Young to Die. Simmons is also a savvy businessman, widely credited with transforming Kiss into a multibillion-dollar marketing machine (just look at Kiss’ top-grossing 1996-1997 reunion tour).

Some speculated that when Kiss announced their Farewell Tour in 2000, it would be the final time the world heard from Simmons and his band. But, when the band traveled the globe (on and off) over the following several years, this was far from the case. Meanwhile, Simmons worked on a number of projects, including writing an autobiography (Kiss & Make-Up, 2001), founding his own magazine (Gene Simmons’ Tongue), creating his own clothing line (“Gene Simmons’ Dragonfly”), hosting the TV show Hit Men, and re-launching his Simmons Records label, acting career, and starting his own TV talk show (The Gene Simmons Show). In 2004, Simmons took a break from his farewell tours and released ***HOLE, his second solo album, on the Sanctuary label.

The Google Play services keep stopping j7 is a problem that has been present for a while. Google has released 9 fixes to fix the issue. Topic: Gene Simmons Biography, Songs, & Albums | Category: Celebrity Must Have: paul stanley net worth A: Gene Simmons Biography, Songs, & Albums Q:

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Who is the richest member of KISS?

Paul Stanley. Q:

What language did Gene Simmons speak?

Gene Simmons is a singer and actor who has performed in many languages. He was born in Israel, but he speaks English. Q:

What did Gene Simmons do before joining Kiss?

Gene Simmons was a member of the band Wicked Lester. Q:

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