Geraldo Azevedo is a Brazilian journalist and TV presenter. He has won prizes for his work, including the Maria Moors Cabot Prize in 2005 and an Emmy Award for “CNN International Special Report.” His first book was published by Penguin Books in 2009., Songs: ‘All Of Me,’ ‘Hey DJ,’ ‘Samba de Verão’ Albums: Rio Samba (2001), Saitama Super Arena Live (2005).

Geraldo Azevedo is a Brazilian journalist and television presenter. He has been the host of “Globo News” since its inception in 1991. His show is known for its coverage of current events and interviews with politicians, celebrities, and other public figures. Geraldo Azevedo was born on September 2, 1951 in Rio de Janeiro to José Geraldo Azevedo and Maria das Graças da Silva Azevedo.

Geraldo Azevedo is a Brazilian pop singer known for his romantic lyrics and virtuoso guitar playing. Many of his songs have become Brazilian pop standards, including “Caravana,” “Copacabana,” “De Outra Maneira,” and “Barcarola Do Sao Francisco.”

Azevedo was greatly inspired by Joo Gilberto, who resided in Juazeiro, a city on the opposite side of the river, and was born in Petrolina, a tiny hamlet along the banks of the San Francisco River. He was self-taught on the guitar and had mastered it by the age of twelve. In 1963, Azevedo founded Grupo Construcao with singer Teca Calazans and drummer Naná Vasconcelos in the capital city of Recife.

He accepted singer Eliana Pittman’s offer to move to Rio de Janeiro four years later. Azevedo quickly rose to prominence as one of the city’s finest musicians and a sought-after accompaniment for many of the city’s best singers. Azevedo founded Quarteto Livre alongside Vasconcelos, Nelson ngelo, and singer/songwriter Geraldo Vandré, with whom he co-wrote the famous “Cancao de Despedida” (“The Farewell Song”). In December 1968, the organization dissolved when the military dictatorship closed the Brazilian legislature and imposed censorship.

Azevedo rose to worldwide prominence in 1991, when he collaborated with Alçeu Valença to write and perform two songs during a Tupi TV-sponsored event in Sao Paulo: “78 Rotaces” and “Planetario.” Azevedo and Valença, who were signed by Casablanca, issued a self-titled duet album. In 1972, they performed at an International Song Festival in Rio alongside folk singer Jackson Do Pandeiro.

Azevedo started to gain notoriety on his own as well. Several of his songs were used on the Globo TV series Gabriela and Saramandaia’s soundtrack. Azevedo’s first solo album, published in 1973, was a huge success. Bicho de 7 Cabcas was recorded by Azevedo with actress/singer Elba Ramalho in 1979. At 1985, Azevedo recorded a live CD in Rio’s Casablanca’s Golden Room.

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