Grace Slick is best known for her positions in the band Jefferson Airplane and lead singer of The Great Society. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member in 1996, received three Grammy Awards, and has been honored with many other awards.

Grace Slick is a singer and songwriter best known for her work with Jefferson Airplane. “White Rabbit” was originally released on Grace’s 1967 album, Jefferson Airplane Takes Off.

Surrealistic Pillow Grace Slick is most known as the powerful-voiced female vocalist of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s rock bands Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, and Starship. She was raised in Palo Alto, California, by well-off parents. She married Jerry Slick and became a model. She, her husband, and her brother-in-law, Darby Slick, founded the Great Society after watching Jefferson Airplane play in 1965. In 1966, the trio issued a song, “Somebody to Love,” on local North Beach Records (written by Darby Slick), but disbanded shortly after. (The group’s live recordings were subsequently selected for two CDs by Columbia Records.) Slick was invited to fill in for Jefferson Airplane vocalist Signe Anderson, and he joined the band just in time for the production of Surrealistic Pillow, the group’s second album. She sang “Somebody to Love” as well as her own song, the bolero-paced “White Rabbit,” which had allusions to drug use and Alice in Wonderland. Both tracks featured her main vocals and were included on the album. After Bathing at Baxter’s (1967), Crown of Creation (1968), Bless Its Pointed Little Head (1969), Volunteers (1969), Bark (1971), Long John Silver (1972), and Thirty Seconds Over Winterland (1973), Slick became the main focus of Jefferson Airplane, appearing on seven more albums with the group (1973). With the establishment of the band’s own private label, Grunt Records, in 1971, different bandmembers started to record solo albums, and Slick collaborated with guitarist Paul Kantner on Sunfighter (1971). Kantner, Slick, and David Freiberg were credited with Baron Von Tollbooth & the Chrome Nun (1973). Manhole, Slick’s first solo album, was released in 1974. After the departures of Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady in 1972, Jefferson Airplane was no longer active. In 1974, Kantner and Slick renamed the band Jefferson Starship and released the album Dragon Fly. Red Octopus, released in 1975, topped the charts and sold two million copies. Earth (1976) and Spitfire (1976) were both million-sellers (1978). Slick left the band and went on to record two solo albums, Dreams (1980) and Welcome to the Wrecking Ball! (1981), before returning as a guest on Modern Times (1981) and completely participating on Winds of Change (1982) and Nuclear Furniture (1983). (1984). Software, her fourth solo album, was also released (1984). As a result of Kantner’s departure, the band’s name was shortened to Starship. Slick continued to provide lead vocals on the number one singles “We Built This City” and “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” with Mickey Thomas on the million-selling Knee Deep in the Hoopla (1985) and No Protection (1987). In 1988, she departed the band. She joined a Jefferson Airplane reunion in 1989, which culminated in a tour and a self-titled record. In the 1990s, she stopped performing and wrote her autobiography, Somebody to Love?, which was released in 1998. Grace Slick’s Best of Grace Slick, a career-spanning compilation CD, was published by RCA in 1999.

Grace Slick is a musician and singer. She is best known for her work with Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship. In 2020, she will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of her debut album “Surrealistic Pillow”. Reference: grace slick 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

What disease does Grace Slick have?

A: Grace Slick is a singer for the band Jefferson Airplane. The disease she has is multiple sclerosis which causes her body to not be able to move properly, making it difficult for her to play guitar and make music in general.

Is Grace Slick Still Alive 2021?

A: This is a question that cannot be answered with the information I have.

What band was Grace Slick in before Jefferson Airplane?

A: Grace Slick was the lead singer of Jefferson Airplane, she is now deceased.

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