Greta Tintin Eleanor Hernan Tunberg was born on the 3rd. She was born in Sweden in January 2003 and is an environmental activist. It has gained international recognition by stating that we are facing a disastrous climate crisis that will affect humanity itself.

The opera singer Malena Ernman is her mother and her father the actor Svante Tanberg. His father’s grandfather was the actor and director Olof Tanberg.

Tunberg is known for its youthful appearance and direct communication, both when addressing political leaders and in public. She criticized world leaders for not taking adequate measures to tackle the climate crisis.

Greta Tanberg Mental Health

Tunberg said her first experience with climate change was in 2011, when she was only eight years old. Greta didn’t understand why so little was being done. She stopped talking and eating and lost ten pounds in two months. Greta was later diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), selective mutism and Asperger syndrome. In her speech at the beginning of the fight against global climate change, Mrs Tunberg described her electoral silence that I speak only when necessary. Greta had been struggling with depression for years before she went on strike at school. When she didn’t agree, her parents didn’t support her activity. Her father said he didn’t care if she missed school, but he said she could protest and be happy or stay home and be unhappy. We respect their desire to talk.

In May 2015, his mother communicated her diagnosis of Asperger’s disease to the entire Swedish nation to help several families in similar circumstances. Tunberg admitted that her analysis had rather limited me and that she did not consider Asperger’s disease a disease, but rather called it a superpower. “

Activism of Greta Tanberg

For about two years Dr. Tunberg challenged parents to reduce their family’s ecological footprint and, more generally, to influence the earth by becoming vegetarians, cyclists and aviation enthusiasts. An unsuccessful attempt to show her family evidence through diagrams and other information led her to claim that her future would be stolen from her. The limited refusal to fly forced her mother to give up the international profession of theatre singer. Toonberg evaluates the possible reaction of his parents and changes in their lifestyle and indicates that he expects and believes this can have an impact. The history of the family is told in the book Szenen aus dem Herzen 2018.

Greta also participated in the following activist activities:

  • School climate strike
  • Global climate impact in the autumn
  • The attack on the Riksdag
  • Activation of social networks
  • Protests and speeches all over Europe
  • Participation in COP25

Greta Tanberg Digital Activism

After the coronavirus, in March 2020, Greta Tunberg encouraged traffic to stay home with a game board instead of gathering on streets and squares.

Performance of Greta Tanberg

She has been nominated for the Children’s Climate Prize, which will be awarded in 2018 by the Swedish electricity supplier Telge Energi. She got a Frischuset scholarship for Young Model of the Year. She was also named by Time Magazine as one of the 25 most influential teenage girls in the world in 2018. Mrs Grete received the German special prize Die Kamera Gold für den Klimaschutz, which was presented to her at noon. March 2019 by the parliaments of Sweden and Norway for the Nobel Peace Prize. On the cover of Time’s Magazine in 2019, who called him a leader of the next generation and noted that he is considered by many to be a role model. The Royal Scottish Geographical Society awarded it on the 12th. July: The Geddesa Environment Medal with a Medal of Honour. She received the most prestigious award from Amnesty International, the Ambassador of Conscience, for her leadership role in the climate movement.

Net power of Greta Tanberg

According to the latest figures, Greta Tanberg is valued at $1 million.

Greta Tanberg Parents

Her mother is Malena Ernman and her father is Svante Tanberg.

Greta Tanberg Sieblings

Greta has a sister, Beata Tanberg.

Greta Tanberg Body dimensions

Greta stands at an altitude of 1.63M inches and weighs about 48 kg. She has brown hair and beautiful blue eyes.

Greta Tanberg from

Greta’s only 17. Right now she’s focused on her career and she’s on her own.

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