Grupo Pegasso is a Mexican pop group of female singers and dancers. They released their first album in 1987, and the band’s most recent release was “Cuando me enamoro” (2017). The title track of this album, along with its follow-up single, “Sin Ti,” both reached #1 on Billboard Latin Songs chart.

Juan Antonio Espinoza Pegasso is a Mexican singer, songwriter, and actor. He is known for his work in the musical theater.

Rompiendo el Silencio Grupo Pegasso, a Nuevo Leon-based Mexican regional band, is regarded as a legend for inventing the cumbia pegassera style. Over the course of four decades, they’ve gone through a slew of personnel changes, permutations, and splits, but they’ve never lost sight of the sound they created. In 1980, the band released their self-titled first album. Despite the album’s lack of success, its song “Los Dos Amantes” became a regional smash. Following that, the band released “Se Tambalea,” the title tune from their 1982 album, which was a financial success. However, after the keyboardist and drummer departed, the personnel changes started almost immediately. Grupo Pegasso had become a well-known institution in northern Mexico for its danceable style by the time their third album, El No Te Quiere, was released in 1983, and they were also touring the United States. Grupo Pegasso broke up into two bands in 1985. Under Emilio Reyna’s leadership, everyone except Frederico Esteban kept the old name, but founding member Frederico Esteban was forced to start again as Pegasso del Pollo Esteban. But he wasn’t going down without a fight. He started a ten-year legal fight as Reyna’s Grupo Pegasso picked up regional hit after regional hit, despite Pegasso denying Pollo Esteban’s own success. (The audience didn’t seem to mind; there were two great bands to dance to.) In 1995, Esteban triumphed, forcing Emilio Reyna to relinquish the moniker and rename his band Pega Pega de Emilio Reyna. In 1996, they released Cosas del Amor, which was followed by Reencuentro in 1997. Pegasso del Pollo Esteban, renamed Grupo Pegasso, released Rompiendo el Silencio on the opposite side of the same year.

30 Exitos Esteban’s Grupo Pegasso combined early tropical-style cumbia with rancheras and mariachis, resulting in several hit singles for radio, strong regional sales, and two best-selling hits collections that landed on the Top Latin Albums charts — 30 Exitos and 30 Exitos, Vol. 2 in 2004 and 2005, respectively. Despite the fact that many members have come and gone, Esteban’s Grupo Pegasso continues to draw big audiences and sell well on its now-rare records. A look back at my career in 2017. The Inmortales del Grupo Pegasso charted on streaming services and other digital platforms.

Enrique Santo Pegasso is a Mexican singer and songwriter. He was born on October 23, 1981 and is one of the most successful Latin artists in the United States. His songs include “Cumbia de los Pobres” and “Muevete”. Reference: enrique santos pegasso.

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