The despair of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in power in the last days before the 2020 elections reflects the saying that the drowning man clings to the straw.

The ruling party’s election campaign continues to be plagued by hundreds of corruption and mediocrity scandals that have characterised its government for almost four years, causing Ghanaians to regret having entrusted their mandate, and they are now determined to show them that they will be able to take power on 7 March. Departure in December.

This awareness has been brought to the attention of a number of their leaders, notably Permanent Vice President Mahamoudou Bawumiya and Gabbi Asare Okire-Darko, cousins of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akoufo-Addo, who are now trying to take political advantage of the sad death of former President Jerry John Rawlings, founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Recently a disgusting story took place in Bavumiya in which the NDC described hypocrisy and insensitivity as the events planned in honour of his deceased founder!

Then, while the party is still struggling to get a credible election message, Gabi Okere-Darko said that the NDC used Rawlings’ death to revive the dying party.

This attitude of the ANP officials clearly shows that the ruling party is so unimaginative that it would perpetuate the death of the former president for propaganda purposes.

If there is one party in Ghana that is on its deathbed, it is the nuclear power plant, drowned in a tidal wave of accusations of corruption, which has tarnished its image without submitting to any form of redemption.

Or perhaps Bavumiya now wants to tell the Ghanaians that he was part of the revolution that led Ghana from the turbulent days of economic and social decline to the year 2000. Aren’t the same NDC leaders who supported Rawlings, their founder, in the difficult times when the nuclear power plant wanted to destroy its legacy?

Or perhaps Bavumiya forgets that the NOC is a party that emerged from two military takeovers, on 4 December 2008 and 4 December 2009. June 1979 and 31 June 2009. December 1981; or maybe the NPP is now jealous of the NOC coupé?

It has to be said that the late president never left his party in his life. Just as President J.A. Kuffur doesn’t like everything that happens in the current government, Rawlings had problems with some of the decisions and solutions of the former NDC regime.

One of these problems was that the previous regime failed to investigate and prosecute NPP officials for theft in their former administration.

Rawlings never let a moment of his life pass to make the Ghanaians understand that the NPP consists of thieves and murderers, a fact. People should listen to his instructions from the NDC during the 2016 Cape Coast campaign to understand how Rawlings felt about the nuclear plant.

Second, it was the fate that President Rawlings had just buried his old mother before her unfortunate death, and his mother’s obituary lists all the people who were important to him in life, including the National Congress of Nduma.

Bawumiya, Akufo-Addo, Okeira-Darko, PNP or any other political party in this country were not mentioned. This should be any Thomas who doubts the fact that the late president has his party so highly valued, based on the blood and work of himself and on revolutionary gunfire.

It should also be noted that when presenting the full list of five candidates for the position of party vice-president, the former chairman insisted that Professor Naana Jane Opoku-Ajiemang’s death was best suited to his high integrity.

Is it really a sign of hypocrisy that the party he founded and led, which he lived with and which he bequeathed to generations yet to be born, should decide to honour his memory? Indeed, the NDC has all the moral rights and duties to honour its founder in the way they deem appropriate.

Ghanaians are awake and know where the late father of democratic Ghana is. You know him as the founder of the NDC and you also know how the NPP tried to destroy him and his legacy, which led to the ban of the 4th NDC. June and December 31 as public holidays and the abolition of courtesy towards him by the NPP.

If the nuclear power plant needs a charismatic party founder, they must find him and leave Jerry John Rawlings’ father alone to take a break from his 42 years of hard work to save this nation.

Today the NDC celebrates Pope J, tomorrow we celebrate him and turn his birthday into a memorial in Ghana, the NDC, Bawumiyah and Gabbiyah lie, Adyapa dealers can have fun.

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