Daughter of famous commentator and author Mark Kriegel, Holiday Mia Kriegel is an actress by profession. The star recently gained attention after she began dating actor Milo Manheim, the son of popular actress Kamryn Manheim.

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  • 8 Is Holiday Mia Kriegel active on social media?

What is Mia Kriegel famous for?

  • American actress
  • Mark Kriegel’s daughter

Celebration in honor of Mia Kriegel Age, biology, parents, relatives, siblings, ethnicity

Holiday Mia Kriegel is an , born on 27. December 1999, in the United States at an age of . Her real name is Mia Kriegel and she is currently 21 years old. She too belongs to the American nationality and was born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

Speaking of parents: His father is Mark Kriegel, businessman, writer and publicist. His mother’s name is Emily Bregman, who is a realtor. It is not known if she has any brothers or sisters. She is very close with her father, and he often posts about his daughter on Instagram.

Mia did not reveal details about her school and education. We’re sure the 1st. June 2018: graduated from Crossroads School of Arts and Sciences. After graduation, Mia began traveling and telling stories about her vacations to various exotic locations around the world. Hence the name Vacation Mia Kriegel.

Celebration in honor of Mia Kriegel Professional career as director, direction

Mia has made a career as an Instagram star and influencer. On her social media, she posts mostly about her travels and club photos and has gained thousands of followers on her Instagram. Similarly, she began sharing photos of her life in July 2013. Since then, she has been posting more and more photos of her life and has gathered a large audience around her over the years.

Their lifestyle is the dream of many people. She’s living what’s called the American dream. Mia has been to many popular exotic places around the world. She has been to places like Greenwich Village in New York, Makena Beach in Hawaii and Austin, Texas. Her aesthetic on Instagram is also very bright and natural. She is usually dressed in black and white outfits that go very well with her lightly tanned skin.

She also has several offers from actors thanks to her Instagram appearance and good looks. His most recent work is the television series Bull. She plays the role of Sonja Valicek. In addition to Bull, she also starred in Animal Kingdom, which was released in 2016.

Celebration in honor of Mia Kriegel Net equity (2021)

Mia Kriegel’s net worth is between $200,000 and $500,000. She amasses a fortune for her acting career.

The star also played the role of Sarah in the TNT drama series Animal Kingdom. The lead actors are Finn Cole, Scott Speedman, Sean Hatosi and others. In addition, the TV star will receive an annual salary of $150,000 to $1 million.

Signature: Holiday Mia Kriegel (Source: Listal)

Apart from his acting career, the star also raises a lot of money through social media. She earns about $285 to $475 per post on her Instagram account.

Mia Kriegel Holidays Net Worth Father

Santa Claus is none other than famed writer and commentator Mark Kriegel. His net worth is about $1 million. He makes $75,000 a year.

Celebration Mia Kriegel is married? Spouse, children, marriage

Holiday Mia Kriegel has been single since 2021. She once dated her high school sweetheart for a short time.

Kriegel was in a relationship with the American actor Milo Manheim. Her ex-boyfriend Milo is the son of television actress Camryn Manheim and Jeffrey Brezovar.

Signature: Mia Kriegel and her ex-boyfriend celebrate (Source : Zimbio)

Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last long and broke up in October 2018. Since their divorce, she has remained single while Milo is reportedly dating actress Meg Donnelly. Rumors are swirling after they posted a photo where Milo addresses them as My Baby.

Kriegel likes to travel. If you scroll through her Instagram account, you’ll always see her in different locations, including Austin, Makena Beach in Hawaii, and Greenwich Village. She also publishes some of her photos in clubs and on various exotic websites.

Celebration in honor of Mia Kriegel Length, weight, colour of eyes

Her stunning looks and charming personality are appreciated by almost everyone. Similarly, Mia is a fairly tall woman, but information on her exact height and weight is still in the shadows. Mia has brown hair and a pair of mesmerizing emerald eyes.

Signature: Mia Kriegel Festival (Source : Zimbio)

Is Holiday Mia Kriegel active on social media?

The young actor/Instagram star is only active on Instagram. She has over 54,000 followers on her page. In addition, Mia usually posts about herself and her travel photos on Instagram.

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