The artistic stratosphere has strengthened many artists who have revolutionized their faces, while some geniuses remain unsolved. The art business has also supported artists who are now considered exaggerated, such as Jackson Pollock.

As a contemporary artist, Jackson has devoted his entire life to a wealth of abstract art, all shameless and decorative. In the course of time he has become a very controversial artist, about whom the art public clearly has different and divergent opinions.

Some call it the main power of Abstract Expressionism, while others ignore it as someone who has just been lucky. So the question is, was Jackson Pollock just a random artist? We’ll find out in the next section.

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Jackson Pollock's rebellion...

Jackson was first in the limelight after his mural of Peggy Guggenheim’s house in 1943. The fresco radiates an energetic and rhythmic vibration when the painting with its wavy motifs, which are penetrated by an extraterrestrial approach, seems to move. It has been described as a masterpiece of Abstract Expressionism, which has opened new possibilities for the art world.

Pollock’s friends said that after Penny Guggenheim ordered the painting, he fell on the artist’s block and looked at a clean canvas for days. His friends said he was feverishly looking for the heavenly muse for the canvas, but couldn’t find anything in his precious conceptual work of art.

Then, according to Pollock, the mural was made from a vision he had of a crazy scene in which every animal in America just climbed to the top of another. Although the vision was bloody, the fresco seemed absolutely pleasant, with muted tones of warm pastels and screaming black lines in the middle.

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Now, after this painting, Pollock’s name begins to spread to determine how to put the canvas on the ground and how to throw paint on it. That’s all he needed to revolutionize the American art scene when he appeared in fashion and lifestyle magazines. The fresco caught the attention of art critic Clement Greenberg, who immediately liked it, and this was the beginning of Pollock’s career.

The source of the image: Wikiart

While Greenberg fell in love with Pollock’s art within seconds, many neglect his dripping technique as a random ramble of scattered paint. According to some critics, Pollock’s art, like other old masterpieces, does not seem to evoke decent, powerful and raw emotions. The fresco was painted on a night that worried the critics and considered it an insult to Van Gogh, Monet and other masters of art who spent years on the same canvas.

Pollock’s works of art have been described as light in the wrong sense and without creativity or honesty, yet they have been sold for millions of dollars. Despite the fact that Pollock promoted the abstract expressionist movement, it was said that his art was like the dirty floor of the artist’s studio. Art critic Robert Hughes has even described his works as a violent accumulation of signs and scribbles.

Clement Greenberg was a tie critic who, after viewing The Mural, became a salesman for the work of Jackson Pollock. Greenberg became one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. He’s become champion of Pollock. Greenberg landed Pollock in LIFE magazine and called him a revolutionary artist in the United States.

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Greenberg loved the kind of American art that Pollock served – full of masculine energy and so much bravura! Greenberg then published American Type Painting and recorded Pollock, praising his dripping technique for giving meaning to art.

It was clear that Jackson Pollock had made a name for himself with such a strong PR. The growing friendship between Pollock and Greenberg directly benefited Pollock and his art. Greenberg was so devoted to Pollock that he seems to have overlooked the uprising of many other artists in young America.

Franken Suraler, known for his colour technique, which made his paintings completely surrealistic and disturbing, was close to Greenberg. As a new talent she did not feel well represented by Greenberg, who did not write about her remarkable contribution to art. Like Franconia, Greenberg, in his conquest of Pollock, easily forgot to present other forms of different artists and to reveal the artistic currents in depth.

Bottom line

Jackson Pollock embodied emotions with colours, but without figurines or symbols, and seemed to give new wings to freedom of expression in the art world. Although his work is considered aesthetically appealing and largely innovative in abstract expressionism, he is still regarded by many as someone who has received more recognition than he deserves.

That’s why art historians remain torn in their approach to him. But we are convinced that everyone has their own opinion after seeing the masterpieces on

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