Huey Lewis & the News is a rock band formed in San Francisco, California. The group was one of the most popular bands of the 1980s and early 1990s with hit singles such as “The Power of Love” and “Hip to Be Square.”

Huey Lewis & the News is an American rock band that formed in Los Angeles, California in 1974. The band’s line-up consisted of lead singer and rhythm guitarist Huey Lewis, lead guitarist Michael Ward, bassist Tom Scott, drummer Chris Hayes, and keyboardist Alan Hertz. Read more in detail here: huey lewis net worth.

Plan B Huey Lewis & the News are a successful bar band. The San Francisco-based band became one of America’s most successful pop/rock bands in the mid-’80s because to its basic, straightforward rock & roll. The News had a driving, party-hearty attitude that produced songs like “Workin’ for a Livin’,” “I Want a New Drug,” “The Heart of Music & Roll,” “Hip to Be Square,” and “The Power of Love” major successes. They were inspired equally by British pub rock and ’60s R&B and rock & roll. The band was, at its heart, a working band, and the members understood how to appeal to their target demographic, with odes to 9-to-5 jobs and sports. They smoothed down their sound as the decade proceeded, and by the mid-’90s, they had taken a break from recording. Despite this, the News remained a popular and perennial concert attraction, basically continuing in bar band form and reappearing every now and then with excellent albums like Plan B from 2001 and Soulsville, an homage to Stax Records from 2010. The band’s future looked unclear when Lewis said in 2018 that he was losing his hearing due to Ménière’s illness, but they made a return in 2020 with their tenth album, Weather.

My Aim Is True Huey Lewis & the News owe its origins to Clover, a San Francisco-based country-rock band led by Lewis (vocals, harmonica) and keyboardist Sean Hopper in the early 1970s. Clover went to England in 1976 at the suggestion of Nick Lowe, who thought they’d fit in with the pub rock culture in the United Kingdom. The group gained a modest following in a short period of time. The group’s first song, “Chicken Funk,” featured lead vocals by Lewis, and the band, without Lewis, backed Elvis Costello on his first album, My Aim Is True, the following year. Clover split up and returned to California when its leader, John McFee, joined the Doobie Brothers and produced two albums that failed to attract an audience. Lewis performed harmonica on Lowe’s Labour of Lust and Dave Edmunds’ Repeat When Necessary, which also included Lewis’ song “Bad Is Bad,” before returning to the United States.

When Lewis and Hopper returned to America, they began jamming at Uncle Charlie’s in Marin County, where they formed American Express with Mario Cipollina (bass), Johnny Colla (saxophone, guitar), and Bill Gibson (drums), all of whom had previously played in Soundhole, one of Van Morrison’s backing bands in the late 1970s. “Theme from Exodus” was recorded in a disco version by American Express, dubbed “Exodisco.” Mercury published the single, which received little attention. In 1980, the band hired lead guitarist Chris Hayes and was signed by Chrysalis, who demanded that the band alter its name. Huey Lewis & the News was chosen by the members, and the band’s self-titled debut was released later that year.

Picture This Picture The group’s second album was released in early 1982, and the Top Ten song “Do You Believe in Love,” penned by former Clover producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange, helped the album become a success. Other modest successes followed, including “Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do” and “Workin’ for a Livin’,” and the band started traveling extensively to develop a solid fanbase. Sports, the group’s breakthrough third album, was released in the autumn of 1983 and went on to become a multi-platinum hit over the following year, due in part to a series of smart, humorous videos that got a lot of MTV exposure. Sports soared to number one in 1984, with to Top Ten singles including “Heart and Soul,” “I Want a New Drug,” and “The Heart of Rock & Roll.” It went on to sell over seven million copies. Lewis sued Ray Parker, Jr. in late 1984, alleging that his song “Ghostbusters” was a copied version of “I Want a New Drug.” The case was resolved without going to court. The News’ first chart-topper came the next year, with “The Power of Love,” from the blockbuster Michael J. Fox film Back to the Future.

Fore! The band returned in 1986 with their fourth album, Fore!, riding a tide of success. “Stuck with You,” “Hip to Be Square,” “Jacob’s Ladder,” “I Know What I Like,” and “Doing It All for My Baby” were among the Top Ten songs that helped the album reach number one. Huey Lewis & the News were riding high on the charts when they decided to branch out with Small World in 1988, cautiously dabbling with different American roots musics. The album was a commercial letdown following two chart-topping, multi-platinum albums, stagnating at number 11 on the charts and only reaching platinum.

Hard at Play Hard at Play, The News’s follow-up to Small World, took three years to release on their new label, EMI. Hard at Play only had one hit, “Couple Days Off,” and failed to crack the Top 20. The group took the rest of the 1990s lightly, performing infrequently and releasing the covers album Four Chords & Several Years Ago in 1994, maybe feeling that their commercial peak had passed them by. The album, which was the band’s debut for Elektra Records, did provide one adult contemporary radio success in the form of “But It’s Alright.” They also released a greatest hits album in 1996 called Time Flies, which included a few new songs, but it would be another five years until their next real album, Silvertone Records’ Plan B, was published in 2001.

Live at 25 Throughout the 2000s, they remained a traveling mainstay, releasing their first live album, Live at 25, in 2004 to commemorate their 25th anniversary. Cipollina had been gone for almost a decade at this point, and John Pierce had taken his position. Chris Hayes, the lead guitarist, had also left, but the core lineup of Lewis, Hopper, Colla, and Gibson remained. The News returned in 2010 with the Stax Records/Memphis soul tribute album Soulsville, which charted at 121 on the Billboard charts after performing the title song for the 2008 Seth Rogan comedy Pineapple Express. While working on an original album, the band decided to commemorate Sports30th !’s anniversary in 2013, releasing a deluxe double-disc version of the album and promoting it with a tour and a large publicity campaign. When it was discovered that Lewis was suffering from severe hearing loss owing to an inner ear condition called Ménière’s disease, the News were obliged to cancel all further live performances in 2018. Despite the delay, the band has inked a deal with BMG Rights Management to release Weather, their eleventh album, in early 2020, which will include songs written before Lewis’ illness.

Huey Lewis & the News is an American rock band that was formed in 1972. They’re best known for their 1981 hit song Hip to be Square and their 1983 album Sports. Reference: huey lewis today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tragedy of Huey Lewis?

Huey Lewis was a famous musician who had a hit song in the 80s called The Power of Love. He then went on to have another hit song, but it was never as popular. The tragedy is that he died without ever having a big hit again.

Is Huey Lewis deaf?

Yes, he is deaf.

What bands was Huey Lewis in?

Huey Lewis and the News was a rock band that existed from 1974 to 1983.

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