Ich + Ich is a German synthpop duo consisting of the members Christian “Ich” Lindemann and Janine “Jan” Lindemann. They are best known for their single “Voices”.

Ich + Ich is a German band that was formed in the year 2000. The band’s name originates from the word ich, which means I. They have released three albums and one EP, as well as two singles.

Biography of the Artist

Buchanan, John D.

Vom Selben Stern Annette Humpe, an Ideal vocalist and Rio Reiser producer, met Adel Tawil (also co-owner of production firm Trackworks) at a Berlin studio in 2002 and was so taken with his voice that she decided to work with him. They created the duet Ich + Ich (“I + I”), which performs gloomy pop tunes with rhythms, guitars, and rap lyrics every now and then. Their debut song, “Geht’s Dir Schon Besser?” (“Do You Feel Better Yet?”), was released in November 2004. Both the follow-up singles, “Du Erinnerst Mich a Liebe” (“You Remind Me of Love”) and “Dienen” (“Serve”), as well as the accompanying self-titled album, reached the German Top Ten. Ich + Ich’s trip across Germany in 2006 was also a huge success, with almost all of their concerts sold out. Vom Selben Stern (“From the Same Star”), the group’s second album, topped the album charts; the title track, chosen as the first single, peaked at number three in the Top Ten and remained there for over 20 weeks; the music video features a number of well-known people, including Udo Lindenberg, Silbermond singer Stefanie Kloß, and even James Last. “Stark” (“Strong”), the follow-up song, debuted at number four and quickly rose to number two.

In 2008 and 2009, they launched a flurry of new songs, followed by their third studio album, Gute Reise (“Bon Voyage”). It topped the album charts in Austria and Switzerland, reaching platinum in both countries, and the song “Pflaster” (“Plaster”) earned them their first German number one. In 2010, the band released two more singles before going silent for a few of years, however they did tour in 2011 with Glasperlenspiel, a hot new electropop duet. In the same year, they were honored with a GEMA prize for pop composition (the German equivalent of the Ivor Novello).

Ich + Ich is a German pop group consisting of four members. They have released two albums and a number of singles. The the boyz one minute is a song from their album Ich und Ich.

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