Inna Sarkis

Inanna Sarkis is a Canadian Youtube artist, actress and musician. Besides being an actress, she is also a scriptwriter and editor. She is best known for her performances in After We Collide (2020), After (2019) and The Session.

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What is Inanna Sarkis famous for?

  • is a Canadian YouTuber actress and musician.
  • For his performance in After We Bumped Into

Inana Sarkis: Age, biology, parents, family, siblings, childhood, ethnicity

Inanna Sarkis was born on the 15th. May 1993, born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Sarkis is Mirza Sarkis’ daughter. Sarkis’ mother is a surgeon of Bulgarian descent, his father is a Syrian dentist.

His mother raised Sarkis in California with his older brother and two cousins. Sarkis’ first language is Bulgarian and Assyrian, taught by his grandparents, and his second language is English. She started playing the piano at the age of six.


Sarkis received his bachelor’s degree from Ryerson University. Sarkis was also a yoga teacher and has videos on his YouTube channel. However, she is not very open about her family life and relationships.

Did you know that?

  • How old is Inanna Sarkis? She’s 27 years old now.
  • Ina Sarkis is married? She’s currently dating a model named Matthew Noschka.
  • How long is Ina Sarkis? It measures 1.80 m. 5 in.

All about the career of Inanna Sarkis

Talk about Inanna Sarkis’ career: She’s also a YouTube singer. Sarkis has her own YouTube channel where she writes and directs short films. Sarkis wrote and directed the short film Aura in 2015. This is a short film intended to raise awareness about human trafficking, a widespread problem in the United States.

Inanna Sarkis Signature : Inanna Sarkis (Source: Superlucas)

Sarkis has appeared in many TV series such as B. Four Kings (2016), Big Wolf on Campus (1992-2002), Are You Afraid of the Dark (2002), and many others. Thanks to her talent as an actress, she also had the opportunity to work in films. Sarkis has played in several films, such as Happy Birthday (2006), Deported (2017) and many others.

Sarkis’ first feature is Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! Has Halloween, where she played Gabriella. She also starred in the short film Waiting for him, which officially debuted in November.

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Inana Sarkis: Shareholders’ equity and payroll

The net value of Sarkis is estimated at $500,000. His salary on YouTube is estimated at $200,000. She fought to be in this position and win so much.

Is Ina Sarkis married? Husband, children, marriage

Inanna’s dating a model, Matthew Noschka. They’ve been together for over three years. The duo has a great band. They share photos of themselves on their respective social media platforms and show their love and affection for each other. In May 2020 she revealed through Instagram that she was expecting a baby and in September 2020 she finally welcomed a little girl.

Inanna Sarkis Signature : Inanna Sarkis (Source: GotCeleb)

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Inana Sarkis: Height, weight, colour of eyes

She is 1.70 m long and weighs about 50 kg. His chest circumference is 34-26-36 inches, respectively. She also has a pear-shaped body. She wears size 7 (US) shoes and a size 6 (US) dress. She has brown hair and brown eyes. All in all, Inanna not only has a great personality, but also an attractive one.

Inanna Sarkis Signature : Inanna Sarkis (Source: Zimbio)

Is Ina Sarkis active on social media?

Inna has had more than 11.2 million followers on Instagram. It is also active on Twitter with more than 134K followers. His TikTok account has received over 579.9K followers and over 4.4 million users. Their official Facebook page also has more than 1.7 million followers. The YouTube channel of the same name has more than 3.72 million subscribers.

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