Amid rumors that Prince Harry is preparing to write a book about what he considers the “shallow” life of his in-laws, the prince is reportedly plotting to attack his estranged wife, Camilla, in the memoir.

Camilla Parker Bowles is the Duchess of Cornwall, the wife of Prince Charles, the Queen’s third son. Camilla, who has been married to Charles since 2005, has been seen by many as the Queen’s spy in the royal family. She’s also the owner of the Camilla’s Mews lifestyle brand that sells dresses, accessories, dresses, and more.

According to reports, Prince Harry is rumoured to be divorcing his wife, Prince William’s mother, Camilla Parker Bowles. There’s no sign of a trial separation and the reports say the two will co-parent their children.

Prince HarryAccording to British royal family news, Prince Harry is working on a book. Let’s give that act of gravity some time to sink in. This is the man-child who claims his father abandoned him when he was a kid, causing him to flee his home and seek refuge in a California house. It doesn’t matter if his assertion was debunked. Harry’s book is expected to contain more of his notorious lies, half-truths, and strange assertions, based on history.

The book, according to royal experts, will target people he despises, and he has made no secret of who and what he despises. The list is extensive, beginning with the media, social media, and, most importantly, his family. It’s no wonder, therefore, that some believe he’ll drag his stepmother Camilla Parker-Bowles. But hold on, there’s more!

According to royal observer Paul Burrell, Harry will identify anyone in his family he believes is racist.

News from the Royal Family – How Much Tea Will Harry Spill?

The publishers, according to Burrell, “want their money’s worth,” therefore the book will be as juicy as a June Georgia peach. Burrell believes Harry will speak openly about Camilla, among other things.

However, he believes that if his son insults his second wife, his father, Prince Charles, would be angry. “The publisher will certainly sure expect their money’s worth in this book deal,” he told Closer magazine. That implies they won’t be satisfied with generalities; they’ll want names and specifics.”

Although Harry has hinted that the royal family is racist, Burrell believes this is nonsense, claiming that throughout his decade as a palace butler, he “never received a whiff of anything.”

Will Harry’s Memoir Include Camilla?

He told Closer, “I think Camilla will be in his crosshairs, therefore I’d say Harry is ready to disclose any Camilla secrets.” “He’s previously said that he likes The Crown, which depicted Camilla as a kind of “wicked stepmother.” If he goes there, Charles will be furious.”

After Page Six published the story, Harry was allegedly compelled to confess to his scribblings. He claimed he has been working on his project with Pulitzer Prize-winning ghostwriter J. R. Moehringer for almost a year. You didn’t imagine Harry would write a book by himself, did you?

Sophie Wessex To Take On Princess Margaret’s Role In The Royal Family?

September 2, 2021 — SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy)

According to reports, the first draft of the as-yet-untitled tell-all is almost finished and will be released next year. In the book, according to royal observer Richard Fitzwilliams, Harry will be “exorcising his demons.” “I’m writing this not as the prince I was born, but as the man I have become,” Harry said of his book. I’ve worn a lot of hats in my life, both physically and metaphorically, and my goal is that by sharing my experience — the highs and lows, the errors and lessons gained — I can demonstrate that no matter where we come from, we have more in common than we think.”

Despite frequently threatening legal action against individuals he believes are violating his privacy, Harry consented to the tell-all.

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