Ismael Rivera is a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter and producer. He has released five studio albums with his most recent release coming in 2016. Although he was born into an island of cultural diversity, Ismael found success as a bilingual artist from the United States.

Ismael Rivera was born on January 12, 1991 in Santiago de Cali. He is a singer and the son of producer Kike Corona who has worked with artists like Juanes, Shakira, Wisin y Yandel and more.
Just as his father began to take interest in music production for other artists he also took an interest in singing which led him to sign with Universal Music Group at age 14. After releasing several successful singles such as “Mi Gente”, “La Bicicleta” and “Asignatura Pendiente,” Ismael released his first album El Niño De Oro under Sony Music International Latin Entertainment on October 16th 2009., The following year he released another album No Puedo Más followed by Hits En Espanol that year before finishing up 2011 with La Vida Sin Limites – Part 1 & 2 which included hits like “”Moviendo Caderas”” among others

Ismael Rivera is a singer, songwriter and actor. He has released two studio albums, “El Nazareno” in 2014 and “Songs of the Heart” in 2016.

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Ismael Rivera (El Sonero Mayor “Maelo”) was born on October 5, 1931, in Santurce, Puerto Rico. It all began on Calle Calma, the same street where Rivera was born and nurtured. There, he was indoctrinated with the bomba and plena, the sounds and rhythms of Puerto Rico. Rivera was exposed to the influences that will shape his musical future from an early age. Margarita, his mother, instilled in him a passion for singing. Rivera’s childhood buddy Rafael Cortijo then gave him the impetus and drive he needed, as well as a more organized musical environment in which to express his distinctive singing style. Their partnership immortalized their names and songs in the history of Latin music and salsa, first in Calle Calma, then across Puerto Rico and throughout the globe.

“El Bombon de Elena,” Ismael Rivera and Cortijo’s debut hit, was released in 1954. Cortijo y su Combo, with Rivera as the vocalist, swept the Caribbean from the mid-to-late 1950s. They first visited New York around the turn of the century, and it didn’t take long for Cortijo and Rivera to establish themselves in Manhattan’s burgeoning Latin music scene. The band’s ability to both perform superb music and amuse with quickly planned dance routines contributed to their fame. The voice of Rivera, however, was the one thing that set Cortijo y su Combo apart from the rest of the Latin song-and-dance ensembles. Vocals are a vital component of Puerto Rico’s bomba and plena sound, and Maelo’s voice is the single most distinguishing feature of his music. Ismael Rivera was a maestro of the Cuban son, with a booming, perfectly rhythmic, but equally spontaneous voice.

Beny Moré, the great Cuban musician, bestowed upon him the moniker “El Sonero Mayor.” The title not only underscored Maelo’s incredible skill, but also demonstrated how Latin music was starting to merge and fuse all of America’s diverse musical traditions into one sound: salsa. Ismael Rivera was a hybrid of traditional folk Puerto Rican bomba and plena and Cuban son vocal singing. Cortijo lost his “voice” after his successful journey to the United States, when Rivera started a five-year jail term on cocaine charges in 1962. Maelo subsequently wrote a song called “Las Tumbas (The Tombs)” about his time in the Kentucky jail, which had multiple levels below ground.

Rivera was ready to resume singing with Cortijo after spending four years in prison, but clubs refused to book the Latin artist whose past they couldn’t forgive. Cortijo and Rivera found themselves in a different Latin music environment, forcing them to part ways. “El Sonero Mayor,” on the other hand, would go on to record some of his greatest work with his own band, the Cachimbos, demonstrating his undeniable brilliance like never before. Rivera was regarded as a legend from another period in the 1970s, and he assisted a number of new artists, like Ismael Miranda and Ruben Blades, in breaking into the New York salsa scene.

“Ismael Rivera Jr.” is the son of Puerto Rican singer and composer Ismael Rivera. He was born in New York on September 12, 1991 and he has been performing since his childhood. His father taught him how to play the piano when he was just 3 years old. In 2006, at the age of 9, Rivera began playing guitar and writing songs with his father. Reference: ismael rivera jr.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Ismael Rivera known for?

A: Ismael Rivera was a 19th century Spanish folklorist who studied and wrote about the culture of Andalusia. He is also credited with creating the genre known as flamenco, which is an amalgam of Arabic music and Spanish music.

What did Ismael Rivera died from?

A: Ismael Rivera, who was a professional soccer player, died from heatstroke in a match on the Brazilian club Corinthians A.C..

How old was Ismael Rivera when he died?

A: Ismael Rivera was born on October 1, 1977. He died at the age of 36 which means he was 37 years old when he passed away.

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