Jack Gee is a musician and songwriter, who has contributed to some of the most popular songs from artists such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez & more. His work has been featured in films like “Ride Along” and “The Book of Life”.

Jack Gee was born in the year 1952. He died in the year 2006 from a heart attack. He is best known for his song “I Believe”.

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If people’s surnames were genuinely based on their life experiences, Jack Gee’s surname would have been something else, something stronger, something that may not have been published in a family newspaper. It wouldn’t have mattered to Gee how someone with such a name would have made a living—as the story goes, he just sponged off his wife, the famed classic blues singer Bessie Smith. Even in the context of the blues scene, he seems to have been a typical slimebag. In a typical biography of someone called Gee with songwriting credits on blues albums, the first step would be to make a joke about his name, then argue that he had nothing to do with composing the songs in question other than walking out for sandwiches during the recording session.

With Gee, though, it’s critical to get straight to the action, sure that it’ll save the second paragraph of any biography. Prior to that, he was characterized as a “semi-literate night watchman.” Gee married Bessie Smith in the summer of 1923. Some biographies elevate this to a police officer’s position, one of the rare acts of generosity given to this person in paper. Gee also managed Smith’s career, despite the fact that the litany of catastrophes she was engaged in throughout their marriage would make any celebrity hesitant to give up a one-third fee. However, it seems that blaming Gee would be a mistake—he was either too inebriated or too busy womanizing to accept responsibility for anything that transpired throughout her career. He also allegedly abused her, had many mental breakdowns, abducted their adoptive son, Jack Gee, Jr., and fled with him, according to historical documents.

Ruby Smith, Smith’s niece, is a blues singer who goes by the names Ruby Smith and Ruby Walker.

Gee gee-whizzed his way into three thousand in production money in the late 1920s, ostensibly for a new program starring Smith called Steamboat Days. He spent the money on yet another singer with whom he was having an affair, Gertrude Saunders, as though supplying fodder for a future biography. Smith’s sad life has been the subject of several books, movies, and stage shows, and rest assured, Geecomes off as a serious heavy in each of them. One of the few things for which he cannot be faulted is

Making Jack Gee, Jr. live like a prisoner in a basement—this was done by Gee, Jr.’s biological father, who was able to get custody due to the Smith-Gee household’s apparent lack of security. Gee more than earned the right to write such gloomy titles as “Cold in Hand Blues,” particularly “Reckless Blues,” from a simply artistic standpoint.

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Is movie Bessie a true story?

A: Yes, it is a true story.

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