James is a singer, songwriter and actor. He has released eight studio albums including his most recent album “The Outsiders.” This biography will cover everything you need to know about the life of James Arthur.

James is a British singer-songwriter and guitarist. He is best known for his work with the James album, which has sold over 20 million copies worldwide. His songs have been covered by other artists such as Adele, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber. Read more in detail here: james songs.

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Seven In the mid-’80s, James emerged from Manchester, England, with a type of urgent, ringing guitar pop defined by Tim Booth’s keening, persistent vocals. The trio was dubbed “the future Smiths” because of Booth’s theatrical stylings and James’ passion to textured guitars, a relationship bolstered by Morrissey’s praise of the band. By the early 1990s, James had shrugged off the similarities by embracing acid house, the first of many daring left turns the band would take over the decades. “Sit Down,” an old open-hearted melody re-recorded for the era of “baggy,” was their breakout smash, reaching number two in the United Kingdom in 1991 and becoming an alternative rock hit in the United States. Seven reinforced their breakthrough in 1992 with the singles “Sound” and “Born of Frustration,” but it was 1993’s Laid that defined the group’s mature sound. The trio made sonic chances with Brian Eno that paid out both aesthetically and commercially: the title single became their greatest American success. Following that, James enjoyed a burst of activity in the late 1990s before taking a break in 2001. The band reformed in 2007, releasing Hey Ma the following year before settling into a routine of touring and major record projects like 2010’s two-part The Night Before and The Morning After and 2021’s pandemic chronicle All the Colours of You.

Stutter When Paul Gilbertson (guitar), Jim Glennie (bass), and Gavan Whelan (drums) met Tim Booth (vocals) at Manchester University in 1982, they invited him to join their budding band. James became regulars on the local club scene during the following year, and by 1983, they’d signed with Factory and released their first EP, Jimone, later that year. Their second EP, James 2, was published two years later, and Morrissey, the Smiths’ lead singer, publicly praised the band, inviting them to play for his band. Gilbertson had been replaced by Larry Gott by the summer of 1985, and the band had signed to Sire Records. The trio recorded their debut, Stutter, that year with producer Lenny Kaye, and released it in early 1986 to mostly excellent reviews.

Strip-Mine James traveled nonstop over the next two years, amassing a loyal following. Their second album, the folky Strip-Mine, was released in 1988. The band left Sire the next year, signing with the indie Rough Trade, when the album failed to capitalize on their live following. James released the somewhat popular “Sit Down” on their new label, as well as the live album One Man Clapping, which reached number one on the indie charts. James expanded to a septet with the inclusion of pianist Mark Hunter, violinist Saul Davies, and trumpeter Andy Diagram in 1990, replacing Whelan with David Baynton-Power. In the autumn, the new lineup signed with Fontana Records and released Gold Mother. Following a string of small hit songs, Gold Mother eventually broke through in the spring of 1991, when a re-recorded version of “Sit Down,” with a current baggy rhythm, reached number two on the UK charts and became a mainstay on modern rock radio in the United States. Although “Sit Down’s” popularity was a boon, it was also a burden, as the song became all James were known for. In concert, the band started to rebel, performing nearly entirely new material, and its second album, 1992’s Seven, was widely seen as a foolish attempt at huge arena rock.

Wah Wah James stripped Diagram away for the follow-up to Seven and collaborated with producer Brian Eno. Laid, the band’s follow-up, was a calmer, more ambitious effort that got some of the band’s greatest praise. While the album was mostly overlooked in the United Kingdom, it became an alternative rock smash in the United States because to the crossover success of the title tune. During the Laid sessions, James collaborated with Eno on another album of experimental music, Wah Wah, which was published in the autumn of 1994. The album got negative reviews, and the band went on hiatus for much of 1995, owing in part to guitarist Gott’s resignation. Tim Booth released Booth and the Bad Angel, a collaboration with composer Angelo Badalamenti (Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet) in 1996, which got generally excellent reviews.

Whiplash James reappeared in early 1997 with Whiplash, a more basic album that received mixed reviews. He was joined by guitarist Adrian Oxaal. Millionaires, which was recorded with new guitarist Michael Kulas and released in 1999, was originally exclusively available in the United Kingdom. Pleased to Meet You, their stunning follow-up released in 2001, was similarly exclusively available in the United Kingdom. Tim Booth, the band’s leader, announced his resignation from the band he established over 20 years before a few months later, and James called it quits after a winter tour of the United Kingdom in December 2001. The band reformed in 2007 and went on a tour in support of the double-disc collection Fresh as a Daisy: The Singles, although the hiatus was short-lived. Hey Ma, James’ ninth studio album, was released the following year.

The Gathering Sound In 2010, the band released two “mini-albums,” The Night Before and The Morning After, before embarking on a brief but memorable U.K. tour in late 2011. (the Orchestra of the Swan and the Manchester Consort Choir were their backup bands). The Gathering Sound, a sumptuous and long-awaited box set released in 2012, includes previously unheard audio content as well as long-unavailable film concert footage. La Petite Mort, which was produced by Max Dingel and released four months later in June, was Mercury’s first post-Mercury studio album. Dingel then returned to produce Girl at the End of the World, the band’s 2016 album. The band characterized the album as “large yet intimate, aggressive but comforting,” and “ultimately uplifting,” since it was written in Scotland and recorded in London. Living in Extraordinary Times was released two years later, with James collaborating with producers Charlie Andrew and Beni Giles.

Tim Booth joined up with his Topanga Canyon neighbor Jacknife Lee during the 2020 pandemic to build the basic rails that the rest of James finished while in quarantine. All the Colors of You, the resultant film, was released in June 2021.

James was born on December 3, 1978 in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. He is the son of Anne and Hugh James who are both musicians. His mother played piano and his father played guitar. He has a brother named Stephen and two sisters named Kathryn and Sharon. Reference: james band name origin.

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