James Charles is an American celebrity and YouTube facial artist. He is best known for his YouTube channel, where he offers make-up lessons and beauty secrets.

Charles reached the pinnacle of his career in 2016 when he was elected CoverGirl Ambassador, a feat never before achieved by a man.

James Charles Net costs

Charles’ brilliant success, which made him one of the most signed YouTube figures, also fell into his pocket. Thanks to the great success of his channel and the extra work he did on the YouTube platform, he became a millionaire.

Currently, the net value of James Charles is $22 million. In fact, James’ net assets have grown in just one year, as the amount of $12 million has rapidly doubled to its current level.

James Charles Age

James Charles is still 20 years old and at the time of writing this article he is 21 years old. Charles was killed on the 23rd. Born in May 1999.

Height and weight of James Charles

When we talk about numbers, we’re usually talking about Charles’ subscribers. But people are also interested in certain details about Charles, such as his height and weight.

Since you can’t feel a person’s exact physical characteristics by watching the video on YouTube, you should know that Charles is 175 cm (5’10) tall and weighs 68 kg (150 lbs).

Beginning of the life of James Charles

Charles’ full name is James Charles Dickinson. He was born in Bethlehem, New York, and attended Bethlehem Central High School, where he graduated in June 2017.

Little is known about his father, but they say he helped rebuild their basement to create a dressing room for James. Her mother is Christy Dickinson, and she’s more than supportive of her career. James also has a younger brother named Ian Dickinson, or now Ian Jeffrey, because he’s also a social star.

Who’s meeting James Charles?

James Charles is openly gay, and he’s not hiding that fact. But his data is a little confusing. There is no evidence of a stable relationship or a current friend, but there are rumours about other celebrities.

James talks a lot about his encounters in his videos, and the fans he catches up with know how he feels when he sleeps with other guys.

At one point, Charles announced that he was approaching a YouTube guy, David Dobrick, at Bumble. However, it was never confirmed whether or not they had a relationship. David said he’s just promoting the app and organizing virtual meetings with the fans. While James said they were good friends.

Apparently James Charles has a lot of candidates, all his social media accounts are full of amazing comments.

Career of James Charles

James Charles started his career on YouTube in 2015 with the launch of his own channel. He quickly became popular as a male beauty guru. At that time, there weren’t many makeup experts on YouTube, so it was unique in that respect.

The initial success quickly brought him 5 million subscribers.

It only took him a year to become the press model for the cosmetic brand CoverGirl, which is a very impressive achievement. It’s even more impressive when you consider that he was the first man to become the face of CoverGirl. He has established a close relationship with the brand’s ambassador, Katy Perry, who has helped him to achieve greater success.

James Charles currently has 19.5 million YouTube subscribers.

In 2019 Charles Iggy Azalia did the make-up for his music video Sally Walker, in which he also recorded a cameo.

In 2020 he announced that he would launch a series on YouTube called Instant Influence, aimed at finding the next star, Beauty Influence.

James Charles for

James Charles has been involved in various contradictions throughout his career. He has been criticized for his Ebola joke and remarks about people in Africa and his remarks about transsexuals. James publicly apologized for both incidents, stating that he had no transphobia and that he had described the situation in the wrong words.

But the controversy increased after Tati Westbrook, a celebrity and YouTube rival, posted her video on BYE SISTER and openly criticised James. Westbrook accused James of manipulating people’s sexuality and using fame and money to play on human emotions.

As a result of this video, James lost more than a million subscribers in one day, a record number of YouTube subscribers. Charles posted a video of Auntie’s reaction, explaining the situation and apologizing to her and her husband. She helped Charles recover, and he soon got back almost all the subscribers he’d lost.

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