James Westbrook is an American social media employee from Los Angeles, California. James Westbrook was killed on the tenth. Born September 1970. He’s a businessman and an entrepreneur. Her astrological sign is the Virgin Mary. He became popular as the husband of the famous American make-up artist Tati Westbrook.

Auntie is a businesswoman and also a YouTube star. James also appeared on their YouTube channel several times. Despite the fact that he is a Christian, his ethnic origin cannot be associated with a single ethnic group. James is a fairly tall man, about six feet tall, about 185 centimeters. He has a son from a previous marriage called Taylor.

In 2012 he proposed to Auntie, and after 5 years with her. The couple married in January 2017. Many YouTube stars like James Charles and Nikki Phillipie attended his wedding. They often said they even thought about running away when they were in a relationship. James Westbrook’s financial situation has never been a problem for his family.

It’s worth about $800,000. Auntie and James Charles had one of the biggest fights on YouTube. This argument has received a lot of attention on the internet. But recently, Auntie said she’d been manipulated into taking action against James Charles. According to her, the main culprits in this conflict were Jeffrey Stars and Shane Dawson.

Auntie says they manipulated her to make the BYE SISTER video, which allowed an argument between James Charles and himself. James should still have a biography of him on Wikipedia. However, some information can be found on various web portals.

Let’s find out more about him…

James Westbrook (husband Tati Westbrook) Biology, age, height, weight, family and children

Real Name James Westbrook
Name of the nickname James
Profession The impact of social networks
Date of birth September 1970
Place of birth Los Angeles, California, United States.
Nationality American
Constellation Virgo
Height about 2 meters
Family Dr. Sydney Westbrook Jr.
Linda Westbrook
brothers and sisters Beth Robinson, Cheryl Fennell.
Date of marriage January 2017
Relationship status Married
Girlfriend / wife Tati-Westbrook
Children Taylor Westbrook
School Unknown
University Georgia Institute of Technology, North State Academy of Technology
Qualifications for education Unknown
Hair color Dark brown
Eye colour Brown
Net value $3 million


  • James Westbrook is an American social media employee from Los Angeles, California.
  • James Westbrook is married to Aunt Westbrook, the old American wardrobe.
  • James Westbrook was killed on the tenth. Born September 1970.
  • Her astrological sign is the Virgin Mary.
  • James’ net worth is about $800,000.
  • It’s almost six feet tall.
  • He has a son named Taylor.
  • James Westbrook married Tati Westbrook in January 2017.
  • She claims Jeffrey Stars and Shane Dawson manipulated her to make BYE SISTER.

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