Jamey Johnson (born February 3, 1973) is an American country music artist. He released his debut album In the Middle of It All in 1998 under Warner Bros., and has recorded five more studio albums since then. From 2006 to 2010 he hosted a show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio called Behind the Song with Jamey Johnson.

Jamey Johnson is an American country music singer-songwriter. He has released six studio albums and one compilation album, with the most recent being “Homesick” in 2017.

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Jamey Johnson, a singer/songwriter, is as at ease cleaning up the tears on the barroom floor with an old Hank Williams-style ballad as ripping the roof apart with a honky tonk juggernaut. Blood, sweat, and tears propelled the Alabama native and former Marine to the top of the Nashville food chain. The new traditionalist found his voice thanks to his upbringing in a pious and musical family, but it wasn’t until he relocated to Music City that the rest of the world took note. After almost a year on the lam, he started performing at songwriter evenings, where he met other songwriters. Johnson was asked to sing on recordings by his contemporaries as they started to land publishing agreements.

The Dollar In 2002, mutual friend and musician Randy Hardison introduced Johnson to producer/songwriter Buddy Cannon; following Hardison’s death later that year, the two became close friends and allies. Gary Overton, a publisher, was Johnson’s next convert, and he signed the developing songwriter to EMI. Johnson received a record deal with BNA in April 2005, and his debut, The Dollar, was released in January 2006. He was dismissed by the label after a tour in promotion of the record. Johnson went into seclusion for a year after he and his wife separated, then divorced, before resurfacing, refreshed and ready to start work on a new record. Two big companies expressed interest in the singer, but it was Universal’s Mercury imprint that signed him and released his album That Lonesome Song in August 2008. “In Color,” the album’s first single, peaked at number nine on the Billboard country chart, and was followed by “The High Cost of Living,” which reached number 34. The album received a gold certification. Johnson won Song of the Year for “In Color” at the 2009 Country Music Association Awards and was nominated for many other awards.

The Guitar Song In the autumn of 2010, Johnson followed up his triumph with The Guitar Song, an ambitious double album heralded by the song “Playing the Part.” The album, as well as its songs and videos, received almost unanimous critical praise and sold a lot of copies, especially for a double album. In the autumn of 2012, Johnson released Livin’ for a Song: A Tribute to Hank Cochran, which included Willie Nelson, Vince Gill, Merle Haggard, Leon Russell, and Kris Kristofferson among its guests. Johnson released a five-track holiday EP called Christmas Song in December 2014, which includes duets with Lily Meola and the Secret Sisters. It also included his first self-recorded new song in four years, “South Alabam Christmas.” Johnson’s content was supposedly being held back by a feud with his publisher, despite the development of his own label, Big Gassed Records, which seemed promising. Johnson released a couple tracks on his own in 2015, although the songs were reportedly recorded years before. However, he continued to perform live and write for others, including a pair of songs with George Strait for Strait’s 2015 album Cold Beer Conversation.

Jamey Johnson is a country music artist who has released eight studio albums and one compilation album. He has sold over 8 million records worldwide. Reference: jamey johnson accident.

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What is Jamey Johnsons most famous song?

A: We are the Champions

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A: Jamie Johnson retired from the game in 2017. He was one of the original players and is most remembered for his impressive jumpshot.

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